Cooking corned beef

mike547, Jun 20, 2:53am
Hi- can anyone let me know how much brown sugar or golden syrup to add to a corned beef while cooking? Thanks

twinsforus, Jun 20, 2:58am
I put about a Tbsp in, but I use a squirt bottle of golden syrup (never used brown sugar in mine) so don't actually measure it.

mike547, Jun 20, 2:59am
Do you add anything else- or just the golden syrup?

marob2, Jun 20, 3:10am
Two or three bayleaves, and a few peppercorns. Usually use brown sugar probably about a Tbsp, but have also used golden syrupyears ago. Sometimes an onion. Mum used to put carrots in too.

coolthree, Jun 20, 3:13am
Yeah you now have the recipe i use. Either brown sugar (prefer raw) bay leavses, and pepper corns, been used for ages. Enjoy.

cookessentials, Jun 20, 11:12pm
I dont usually measure, but roughly 1tbsp of each along with a couple of bay leaves and about six whole cloves.

fisher, Jun 20, 11:31pm
1/2 cup of beef stock in bottom. . layer of sliced onions. . washed, most fat removed corned beef on top. . dozen crushed peppercorns. . 2 bay leaves. . and a wee drizzle of malt vinegar over the top. . {don't like the sweeteners anymore like brown sugar or golden syrup... so my answer to your question== NIL. . :}
2 hours out from serving time, I turn the meat, add some par boiled carrots and a chunk of sliced cabbage. .
ALL IN ONE meal, corned beef, cabbage and carrots with a little mint sauce drizzled over the cabbage when served and horseradish or mustard sauce for the meat...

sandhu, Jun 21, 12:16am
Im cooking corned beef now I have choped up onions I have put brown-sugar and vinager in mine smells goooooooooooood. . I cant wait for dinner tonight. .

narnas1, Jun 21, 4:08am
Mum always taught us - 1 peeled onion, 1 peeled carrot, about 1 tbsp g. syurp or honey and about a tsp of whole pickling spice. Have found that I also add some salt to the water now because of the way the meat is 'corned', not like in the old days when it was done in brine. Then I use 1 cup of the stock to make the mustard sauce at the end.

glenleigh, Aug 24, 2:07am
I cook mine in gingerbeer with onion. Saw this on a thread here sometime back and tried it. So easy and Delicious and makes a great mustard sauce base. If I have not had the gingerbeer to hand have also tried it with lemonade. Just finishing off the last of our cornbeef from yesterday today as cornbeef hash.

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