Replacement dish for slow cooker

natalie9, Jun 17, 1:03am
Speaking of slow cookers the dish (or whatever you call it) that goes inside cracked the other day, think I put it in the fridge before it was totally cold. Anyway prob not worth trying but anyone know if you can get replacements, it's a zip 5. 5 litre sterling slow cooker. Was a wedding pressie so not sure where purchased.

fisher, Jun 17, 3:16am
You could get hold of zip directly and see what sort of price for a replacement or maybe see what specials are on and see if it's more viable just to buy a new one...

nzmu, Jun 17, 6:54am
Check with Briscoes, they used to be able to get them in, price was $50 when I worked there a few years ago. As fisher says though, probably better to buy a complete new one. They are an import line from a company so dealing with Briscoes is your best option.

natalie9, Jun 17, 8:07am
Thanks, I tried to look them up but might go through Briscoes

ffloss, Aug 16, 3:58am
I did the same thing to my slow cooker and it was cheaper for me to get a whole new cooker than have to wait for the shop to send away for the new 'inner' that was going to cost me another $65. I can tell you I was not very popular at home- but he got over it.

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