Can I use reduced cream in beef stroganof?

cokibear, Jun 15, 4:54am
I have no sour cream in the house.

petal1955, Jun 15, 4:56am
reduced cream? ? ? meaning low fat... ... . if so add it at the end of cooking before serving... . if you heat that... . . its liable to seperate

karenz, Jun 15, 5:02am
Pretty sure you can create sour cream by adding lemon juice or vinegar to cream, maybe google it?

lilyfield, Jun 15, 5:07am
you can also leave it out all together and save some calories and money

rema, Jun 15, 5:28am
Most certainly

eastie3, Jun 15, 5:50am
I make buttermilk by the same method karenz.

karenz, Aug 8, 9:15am
What do you use buttermilk for?

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