Oh no.. whats going to happen to my poor cake!!!

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charlieb2, Jun 14, 6:46am
I whipped up a cake as I was taking dinner out of the oven and put it in (trying to be economical with power! )

Its been in there about 30mins and I've just realised I've left out the salt and Baking soda. The recipe calls for baking soda and powder. . in my haste I've obviously not read the recipe properly...

*sobs* I'm so upset... .

ana-marie, Jun 14, 6:48am
Is there baking powder in it as well? Or SR flour? If so, it should still be yummy. If not, then the cake will be a lot more dense and firm, but still edible

charlieb2, Jun 14, 6:49am
hi ana-marie. . yes, the recipe calls for baking powder, baking soda and salt...

All I've put in is the baking powder...

serves me right for rushing! ! !

ana-marie, Jun 14, 6:53am
You should still be fine then :-)
If it turns out not so good, most cakes can be rescued by warming them up and serving hot with icecream or whipped cream.

charlieb2, Jun 14, 6:55am
well the boys will like that bit ana-marie... . it WAS supposed to be emergency lunchbox rations till grocery day... oh well! ! !

prendy1, Jun 14, 7:10am
Put it an a bowl with some chocolate sauce and call it pudding.

charlieb2, Jun 14, 7:27am
well it sure is 'dense' . Took it out of oven because it seemed to be 'done' but really could have done with longer... . Oh well, twill be pudds for the next couple of nights at worst. .

nfh1, Jun 14, 8:13am
What sort of a cake would you put salt in?

pickles7, Jun 14, 8:27am
so... . it will be heavy. eat and enjoy take it witha laugh
helps it go down

charlieb2, Jun 14, 10:05am
Its a chocolate cake... . and HEAPs of cake recipes have salt in them... including that good old classic the Edmonds Sponge Cake

charlieb2, Jun 14, 10:14am
It IS heavey pickles... lol... and needs to be cooked a bit more... Will nuke it and serve with icecream tomorrow... In the meantime I've made jelly for lunchboxes... . . I cant say "let them eat cake" ... its "let them eat jelly"! ! ! ! !

elliehen, Jun 14, 10:23am
There are some cold and hungry birds who would enjoy a winter treat ;)

nfh1, Jun 14, 10:42am
I am not a baker so never thought you would put salt in a sweet thing!

Why do you put salt in?

cgvl, Jun 14, 11:13am
salt helps to enhance the flavour of food. In sweet things ie cakes biscuits etc its usually just a pinch or at least thats all I put in. Can help cut the sweetness of a dish.

poster 1. Chocolate cake makes great Tiramasu or even a layered chocolate trifle for pud. Or you could cut it in half or 3 and pour/brush over some cherry brandy or whiskey add either cherries or banana slices and whipped cream. sandwich all layers back together with cream on top and grated chocolate or a crumbled flake. Scrummy.

pickles7, Jun 14, 11:25am
lol ice cream mmmmm that will make it better

charlieb2, Jun 14, 8:18pm
Thanks forthose ideas! ! I'm sure Mr would love the trifle idea. My mad kids have taken a piece in their lunchboxes anyway... . mmmmm undercooked choccie cake! ! lol (along with their jelly! ! )

elliehen, I did think of the birds originally... . but they are just making do with boring old crusts this morning. .

nfh1, Jun 14, 9:01pm
I see - thanks.

hezwez, Jun 14, 9:07pm
Many years ago my aunt put a failed chocolate cake outside on the lawn for the birds, who pointedly ignored it, and in the morning a hedgehog was found next to it, dead as, paws in the air... ...

indy95, Jun 14, 11:28pm
With all due respect to your aunt, hezwez, that is the funniest thing I have read in Recipes for quite some time ! It really gives meaning to the phrase " death by chocolate " doesn't it ?

Thank you for brightening up the day.

charlieb2, Jun 15, 1:36am
agreed, made me LOL... . .

*scraps plans to throw cake to the birds*

holdenss, Jun 15, 3:15am
Salt can also be added to help retain moisture(for keeping) and neutralize the extra baking soda taste, Baking soda is ideal with chocolate cakes (and some fruit cakes), It causes a chemical reaction that intensifys the cocoa taste/colour.

nfh1, Jun 15, 4:57am
Thanks very much - am not keen on salt and just associate it with savoury things.

pickles7, Jun 15, 6:54am
charlieb2 ... . I make that choc cake in a mug with plain flour, no raising agent. I prefer it like that. It takes only 1 minute in my mic. any more and I would be able to use it for tennis. . don't need ice cream to eat that. lol.

pamellie, Jun 16, 3:42am
You could make this, if you have any left now.

Leftover Slice

3 – 4 muffins or cake equivalent
½ packet plain biscuits
½ cup walnuts or dried fruit, apricots or sultanas etc
125g butter
½ cup sugar
1 tbsp cocoa
1 egg beaten

Melt butter, sugar and cocoa, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Leave to cool a little.
Whiz muffins and biscuits into crumbs. Add dried fruit or nuts.
Add beaten egg to butter mix. Beat in.
Add to crumb mixture.
Press into slice tin.
Ice with chocolate icing.

unknowndisorder, Aug 11, 4:43pm
One I will always remember is my sister stuffing up and creaming butter and salt (sugar quantity). The mix went into the fire (the olds were not happy with her), and the birds were never the wiser (thankfully) :)
Her work never knew (she figured it, guess she must have tasted it, but it was before the flour etc was added, just salt & butter).