Beans for baking blind

dinkypinky, Jun 14, 1:38am
what type of beans do you use when baking blind? Also - i thought i read once that you can buy actual "baking blind beans" - specifically for this purpose. Any idea where from? i have looked in supermarket but cannot see them. thanks!

kirinesha, Jun 14, 2:09am
You can buy and use ceramic ones or just use uncooked dried beans (eg chickpeas, haricot beans, even coffee beans etc). Uncooked rice is also ideal. Once you've used real beans or rice funnel back into a specially marked container to use again for blind baking (but not for cooking with).

unknowndisorder, Jun 14, 2:17am
Pretty sure you can get them at the supermarket - check the baking aisle. Little plastic (but probably not) beads, sold in packets. Can't think where else I would've seen them recently, and am thinking Pak n Save.

malcovy, Jun 14, 2:18am
I just put a strong handi towel on pastry and then put uncooked rice in and bake. It works fine.

245sam, Jun 14, 2:25am
Ceramic baking beads are easily found at Moore Wilsons and in the kitchenware area of stores such as The Farmers, Mitre 10, etc. , at kitchenware shops such as Stevens. :-))

dinkypinky, Jun 14, 2:30am
thanks so much for excellent information! :)

babytears, Jun 14, 2:34am
I just line the pastry with baking paper and use split peas for blind baking, have had them a while now and still great - oh and very cheap

margyr, Jun 14, 6:16am
macoroni is also ok,

lilyfield, Jun 14, 6:32am
cheapest ones you can find. And they will last a lifetime. my jar full is nearly 50 years old.

whitehead., Jun 14, 10:03am
ive used the same beans red ones for 45 years they just go back in the bottle when cool . i always use baking paper

da_kerbsta1, Jun 15, 12:06am
Get a packet of glass marbles from the $2 shop

melford, Jun 15, 1:23am
No need to use beans or anything when baking blind. A chef told me to just line your dish with the pastry and then put in the freezer for 1/2 hour before you cook it- works fine!

crystalmoon, Jun 15, 1:43am
hey dinkypinky, love your name, is it after the wonderfull marshmallow ice cream you get down the south island. Made me smile when I saw your name. Sure thats what it was called, cant get it up here in auckland so cant wait for our next trip south. Have a great day.

holdenss, Jun 15, 3:08am
Bugga thought I invented that idea! Works just aswell without the mess.

malcovy, Aug 7, 9:54am
Thanks for that reminder. I seem to recall it being posted a while back by you or someone else.

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