Scotch eggs what meat do you use?

missmad, Jun 13, 7:18am
am having my first go at scotch eggs tonight, had a good scour of the net including trade me cooks, seems sausage meat is the go but a lot of recipies also use normal mince, pork mince and chicken mince... so what have you used and what was the best?

turksta3, Jun 13, 7:52am
we ust to use sausage meat. ohh brings back memories! !, Jun 13, 8:11am
Beef mince

Which I normally run thru he mincer once more to make it a bit finer (sometimes I run thru a bit of Free range pork fat with it as well) then add, herbs and spices. . give it a GOOD mush with my hands until it all starts to combine nicely. . then wrap the eggs and bake.

juliewn, Jun 13, 11:58am
I use sausagemeat to which I add a bit of chutney or sauce for extra flavour.

Once coated in breadcrumbs, I place them in a circle around the edge of a paper-towel covered dinner plate. Another paper-towel over them and zap on high for 2 minutes. Turn the scotch eggs over a little, zap 2 minutes more - continue till sausage meat is cooked - it doesn't take long, and there's no need to deep-fry them. You can also bake them in an oven-dish.

kcak, Jun 13, 11:36pm
I use sausagemeat to which I have added some grated onion, green herb stock, salt & pepper. I get 4 scotch eggs from one roll of sausagemeat.

cookessentials, Jun 13, 11:55pm
sausage meat, encasing a hard boiled agg and dipped in egg and rolled in breadcrumbs and into the deep fryer till golden brow, drain well on kitchen paper. Mum used to make these for picnics when we were little.

lythande1, Aug 4, 1:59am
Yuk. Never liked those. The smoked fish variety though:
Combine smoked fish, white fish, egg white, cream, blend, wrap around hard boiled egg, cool till firm then crumb. Then fry, serve in half with curry mayonnaise. Much lighter and tastier.