Slow cooker question??

lillian12, Jun 13, 12:11am
Hi - I'm giving a slow cooker a go for the first time - beef casserole... the recipe is for 8hrs on low... however the only liquid as such was a can of tomatoes. There doesn't appear to be much condensation build up on the lid therefore it all looks pretty dry - should I be worried?

muzza3, Jun 13, 12:19am
No if anything will be too "wet" will still need to thicken close to the end.

emily1983nz, Jun 13, 12:19am
if your worried id put a little beef stock in :-)

calista, Jun 13, 1:31am
I agree with muzza, don't add extra liquid. Also (and I don't know if this is an issue) if you take the lid off to check you will need extra cooking time, or to cook on high for a while.

mel1140, Aug 1, 1:55am
when i do beef casserole i put liquid stock, veges, meat, sachet of gravy mix and sachet of maggie onion soup. and probably about 3 or 4 decent cups of water. then thicken with flour and water about an hour b4 it ends

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