What NZ fish to use to make fish curry?

redpanda200, Jun 12, 1:23am
I'd like to try my hand at making an Asian-style fish curry - but all my recipes are either vague on the type of fish, or else refer to species of fish not sold here. Can anyone recommend fish types, sold in New Zealand fishmongers, which are suitable to make a curry with?

susieq9, Jun 12, 1:39am
I have used terakihi, groper, gurnard, snapper. Any fish which is firm in texture. Personally I would not use blue cod, as I find this is too flakey.

uli, Jun 12, 2:01am
And of course "lemon fish" - the little sharks are very good - gives you a whole lot of "additives" too :)

mel1140, Jun 12, 2:18am
my sister makes a thai red or green curry and uses gurnard (that what her thai friend told her to use)i'll see if i can get the recipe of her, its really nice and not too difficult

dezzie, Jun 12, 2:42am
if you want your fish to stay in cubes, I'd use monk fish, its fairly tasteless on its own, but in a curry it would probably be good, I use it in seafood chowder a lot.

raewyn64, Jun 12, 3:45am
mel1140 I would love to see the recipe as I would like to try a fish curry as well -this post has been very informative to me, thanks everyone.

beaker59, Jun 12, 6:27am
I use Kahawai for fish curries as it has a robust texture and flavour. Not that I have for a while so must go out and get some Kahawai and have a go.

uli, Jun 12, 7:29am
I had kahawai last night fired in coconut oil and with freshly grated coconut over it :)

roys351, Jun 12, 8:21am
lemon fish (shark) is suposed to have a lot of mercury thats why fishnchips shop arnt allowed to use it anymore

traceedwards, Jun 12, 8:24am
"fishnchips shop arnt allowed to use it anymore"

Since when?

uli, Jun 12, 9:00am
Well I can still buy it at Pak'nSave every so often ...

uli, Jun 12, 9:00am
This is very informative too:

beaker59, Jun 12, 9:00am
I got lemon fish and chips at the fish shop by the golf driving range in Matapihi last sunday very nice it was too. I did ask if it was lemon fish.

dezzie, Jun 12, 9:30am
I don't think lemon shark would be high in mercury, because altho large sharks can be as a consequence of eatting fish over a lot of years, lemon fish (spotty shark) don't actually have real teeth and live on crabs etc, thats why they are easy to catch from the beach, because thats their hunting grounds.
Lemon fish are also known as gummy sharks.

roys351, Jun 12, 9:36am
in the manawatu i dont know where to get lemon fish I love it 2ndfrom butterfish caught and cooked fresh

uli, Jun 12, 9:16pm
Here you go: Lemon fish pic:

redpanda200, Jun 12, 9:58pm
Thank you everyone for your feedback, it's been very helpful. (The link to the info at City Seafood Markets was great too - thanks Uli! )

illusion_, Jun 12, 10:30pm
Monkfish, lemonfish, red perch ... all of those sorts. Grab a bag of prawns while youre at it.

re the mercury levels in lemonfish - yes they do have higher levels than some other fish and the fish&chip shops were advised many years ago not to use them because of this. All things in moderation however. Realistically you would have to eat a great deal of it over a long period of time for it to build up enough to affect you.

helpless, Jun 12, 10:41pm
Trevally. . Cheaper than the rest and underated. . Trim the slightly red looking bits off if it's a bit bloody looking. . They fail to bleed it properly so a bit of trimmings needed. . I use it deep fried in batter or in curries. . My fish of choice on price, texture.

helpless, Jun 12, 10:48pm
The recipe I use.
Method (with ingredients embedded in list below):

4 TBS oil in a pan, large enough to stir a fair portion of curry.
Heat oil until medium hot and add 2 quill of cinamon, 1-2 chopped onions.
When it starts to caramelise, add 4-6 cloves of crushed garlic and 3 chillies (finely chopped). or a decent pinch of Cayenne pepper.
Separately in a bowl, combine 4 tsp good quality Garam Masala, 2-3 tsp tumeric and around a 150ml of cold water to make a paste. stir until well combined.
Add paste to the fried onion and garlic mixture and stir to combine.
Add 1 can of tomatoes, mushed through your hands as you add it to the pan. or say 4-5 chopped fresh tomatoes, , (do not use tomatoes if you adapt this recipe with meat such as chicken or seafood such as prawns/shrimp)
Add a further100-300ml of water to make a nice juice in the curry.
Throw in a bit of salt.
Cook on medium for 15 minutes.
Place the chopped up fillets of fish (I use Trevally fillets) as deep as possible in the curry sauce, wait a couple of minutes for them to cook. Once the fish is cooked through, stir through a handful of chopped coriander.
Serves about 4 that load of sauce... Sauce is the important bit, , , just chuck the chopped up fish in at the end.

westflora, Jun 12, 11:08pm
try rig if you can get it, another shark but much better than lemon fish

helpless, Jun 12, 11:09pm
Served on Rice plainly. . I ofton make a batch of that sauce up and just leave it in the fridge for use when I want it. . Lasts for ages and available when you feel like a quick curry.

seniorbones, Jul 30, 10:06am
Ling is my favourite for a curry, its firm white and very tasty. Not a lot of fisherman like gutting it because its a large slimy fish but when hubby goes out I always ask to bring some ling home. It is sold in fish shops too so if you see it try it.