Kids Lunchbox ideas for birthday party

amanda_simonp, Jun 9, 12:37am
wanting to do the kids little lunch boxes for the party. Any ideas please to put in them.
So far thinking chippies, mandarin, drink, bag lollies, maybe rice bubble bikkies, any ideas - need some healthy things, sandwich ideas or something. Many thanks.

holz22, Jun 9, 1:21am
Try these :)

My big kid likes these in his lunchbox hehe

nova40, Jun 9, 2:25am
You could have, fairy bread, cherios, cold sausagerolls, chocolate crackles, mini muffins, lollie cake... yummmy... .

lx4000, Jun 9, 3:14am
cheese and crackers, vegie sticks with mayo dip, home made mini pizza to name a few more:)


amanda_simonp, Jul 25, 12:13pm
thank you all so much for your help. Most appreciated

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