Inspiration Required please: finger food

duckmoon, Jun 4, 7:35am
Hi folks... Having a party on sunday... Looking for ideas for finger food for an adults party...

Something heading towards sophicated (but not taking myself too seriously).
Baby sausages cooked in a spare ribs sauce;
baby spring rolls
baby samosas
cherrios (I know this isn't a kids party, but adults do like them too! )
baby quiche
cheese board (and I will find my friend stnading next to it)
goats cheese, fig and prochuchitto (sp) wrapped together...

What other ideas? ? ?

vintagekitty, Jun 4, 7:47am
what about sushi, antipasto platter and a warm spinach and cheesy dip with crostini? , gosh theres so many options

kirinesha, Jun 4, 10:06am
You already have baby sausages in spare rib sauce so why do cheerios (baby red skin sausages) again?

duckmoon, Jun 4, 10:28am
excellent question...

lizab, Jun 4, 10:53pm
peking duck (Jamie Oliver has a great recipe), pancakes, plum sauce, spring onions and cucumber! ! I had a friend who stayed by the platter all night, telling me many times how good it was and ate most of it at one party I had! !

kabbo, Jun 5, 5:06am
crackers spread with cream cheese and a smoked mussel (the tinned ones) on top, then pepper.

miniature meatballs with satay dipping sauce.

sticky chicken nibbles.

karenz, Jun 5, 5:16am
Probably a bit late now, but ifyou are close to Moore Wilsons you can get small hamburger buns, these are great with a small beef pattie and relish, they also sell small sweet or savoury blinis (sp? ) the savoury ones are nice with cream cheese and smoked salmon or salmon caviar.

davewendy, Jul 8, 4:42pm
As an alternative to sausage rolls and tomato sauce, sometimes I buy the chicken sausage rolls from Pak'nsave and also the spicy apricot (Bit on the side? ) sauce. Quite nice for a change.

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