Stirfry beef?? what else can i do with it?

seez1, Jun 2, 12:03am
as dh hates stirfrys :((( he doesnt mind 1 a week but we already have had one, any different ideas as i have specially cut stir fry beef waiting to be cooked and plenty of veges? ? ? maybe a pie? any ideas/recipes would be great - pref healthy options... . . tia!

margyr, Jun 2, 12:08am
make a casserole with it and either put veges in with it or make a vege casserole, i make this often and husband who only normally eats spuds loves it, grease casserole dish, peel and slice vege as many varieties as you have, as well as an onion, put a layer of spud in the bottom, some grated cheese, another layer of vege, another of cheese, when you have in as much as you want pour over some milk till it comes about 3/4 of the way up the vege, then put some more cheese on the top, bake at 150 till cooked, time varies as it depends how many vege you have done. let it stand for about 10 mins before serving.

margyr, Jun 2, 12:09am
if doing the vege casserole i would still make a stew with the stir fry meat, or just stir fry it and make a gravy.

dbab, Jun 29, 2:15am
Make a beef stroganoff.

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