Oven .....

bodieblue, May 26, 2:51am
Needing to replace an oven - does anyone have a westinghouse and would you recommend the brand?

fruitluva2, May 26, 3:05am
Well we don't have a wall oven but what I've seen of many they don't impress me smart as they look and all. Those I've seenhave all been treated with care yet they seem to have a history of breakdowns.
As to westinghouse not sure if it extends to stoves butthey are known for breakdown and costly parts

jellybeanbee04, May 26, 3:46am
We have a wall mounted oven, will check the brand, in our house we rent. Been in two years and wouldn't say I look after it with care and no problems. Are going to put one in our place we are building but with the "oven and a half" size since I don't like not having a warming draw or for really small meals.

diane8282, May 26, 4:13am
dont have a westinghouse but dont buy a whirlpool. Have one only 4years old and have had to wait for 2 months for parts from Australia.
Going to replace it with a pharmco brand one sold at 100% stores and Bunnings !

nzhel, May 26, 4:32am
We had a Westinghouse double wall oven and loved it and plan on getting one again when we build. Cooked well, nice and big, easy to operate and it looked very smart. Never had any problems with it.

bodieblue, May 26, 4:45am
Thanks ... ... . there are so many brands these days - have always had F & P - but not so sure of that brand anymore!

valentino, May 26, 4:51am
Understand your thoughts, I have a Shacklock Multifunction Dual oven, getting a bit raggidy look but boy - it is superb.

They don't do these anymore hence share your thoughts with various brands of today. LOL.


floralsun, May 26, 12:16pm
Isn't Westinghouse one of Fisher and Paykels brands? ?

I have a wall oven from Westinghouse - and love it - so many ovens have small interiors - this has a traditionally sized oven, so baking dishes, etc - still fit. Am glad I purchased it.

susan21, May 27, 12:15am
Yes I have a Westinghouse oven. Have had it for years, havnt had any problems. Love it! !

neil_di, May 27, 12:31am
I think the older westinghouse ovens have been very reliable but the later models have had a lot of publicity also recalls. Westinghouse is part of the electrolux group and I suggest you do some research re the newer ovens.

griffo4, May 27, 12:40am
We have an f&p and l have looked after it but it has been a pain and it is not that old but not sure what to buy that l can trust to work and not break down
l put pots on low on the ceramic top and in a few minutes they are boiling their heads off, it has had a new top element in the oven and numerous oven lights and l have had to get things done with the element switches but they still go at full heat such a pain pulling pots on and off elements that are on low!
and don't start me on F&P dishwashers, lol
l have said l will not have another F & P product in my house but what else is there that will last?

greerg, Jun 11, 5:14pm
Westinghouse for five year shere and although it cooks well the door hinges were not strong enough for the weight of the door so it gradually sagged a little so the oven was not longer tightly sealed. Two replacements went the same way before finally getting heavier duty hinges that solved the problem.