Pickle Onions help...

korbo, May 25, 8:13am
I have done 2 large jars of pickleonions, using the curry sauce method.
They taste aok, but have a kinda watery/vinegar taste.
They are not sweet as I would like them.
sussed out a recipe in an old institute book, and found a recipe that had 900gm brown sugar and a lot of golden syrup as well as other ingredients.
Has anyone made them like this... . or has anyone a tried and true for a real sweet/caramelly flavour.
I bought some from a church fete, and they were very sweet and kinda caramel tasting. tried to locate who made them but no luck. thanks...

jessie981, May 25, 9:29am
Aunt Daisy recipe
5lbs onions
1qt vinegar
1lb br sugar
1/2oz each of ground cloves, allspice
2 big TBSPs flour
1/2 dessertspoon curry powder
2tsps turmeric
Cover onions with salt & water for 24 hrs. Boil vinegar & sugar, stir in ingredients which have been mixed with a little cold vinegar
Boil till it thickens
Dry onions, put into containers & fill with sauce
Keep 3 weeks before using.

dwebble, May 25, 11:06am
I make pickled onions but just the stock standard old fashioned ones mum made lol.

I peel the onions and soak in a salt bath for 24hrs then rinse well and pat dry.

I use malt vinegar and use approx 1litre per 2kg of onions. I just but pickling spice and use one packet per roughly 2-4kg onions but it all depends on taste. I just keep adding white or brown sugar until I tastes sweet enough for my liking.

I then just put my jars in the oven to sterilize and heat thru around 130ish degs.

Once I take them out, thats when I am usually rinsing well the onions and drying them. I stuff them in the jars and then pour the liquid over and cap them and put them in the cupboard for 3wks.

They come out delicious and bring back my childhood memories lol

juliewn, May 25, 11:58am
Hi Marilyn :-) hope you and your hubby are well.

I use the same recipe Jessie has posted. . good ole Aunt Daisy - I see they've re-published one of her books. .

The onions are best left for a few weeks at least before eating, so the flavours develop and blend. . could you have opened yours earlier? ?

korbo, May 25, 8:42pm
Hi Julie, yes we are both good. email me, as i dont think i have your email anymore. exciting news to tell.
I have a few more recipe books to look thru, and my neighbour has just bought the new aunt daisy one, so will check that out. If only the church would pass on the recipe would be wonderful.
The ones i did are as I said aok, but i want a more sweeter/brownsugary taste.
hopefully may read more on here later.
have a great day... .

donnas1, May 26, 12:06am
Hi there, I have the easiest recipe in the world, given to me by an old lady years ago, they are beautiful.

Put an inch of sugar in the bottom of a jar and then fill with the peeled pickling onions then fill the jar with DYC vinagar and wait 6 weeks. DIVINE and EASY. Enjoy

korbo, May 26, 1:47am
do you have to soak the onions in brine first. or just peel, and pop in the jars.

lythande1, May 26, 3:17am
Peel 6lb onions and put in a basin.
Cover with cold water and a good tablespoon of salt
Let sit overnight then drain.

Bring to the boil 2 quarts vinegar
1 Tablespoon salt
2 1/4lb sugar

Drain water off onions
Put in crock and pour over vinegar mixture while hot
Leave 2 weeks

john91, May 26, 3:19am
Try honey for sweetness. I use it everytime and basically do the edmonds book recipe with my own variations

korbo, May 26, 7:53am
another question, could you use very small normal brown onions, as long as you had a big jar/crock. do they have to be pickle onions.
still hoping someone has a recipe with the gold syrup/br sugar in.

jessie981, May 26, 8:38am
Off Google

5kg (11lb) pickling onions
250g (9oz) salt
1kg (2lb 3oz) brown sugar
1kg (2lb 3oz) golden syrup
3 tbsps black peppercorns
2 tbsps whole cloves
6 dried small red chillies
7 cups malt vinegar

Peel the onions, place in a large bowl and sprinkle with the salt. Leave to stand overnight.

Pickled onions are better if kept longer and green coconut chutney can be turned into a tasty dip

Meanwhile, in a saucepan, combine the sugar, golden syrup, peppercorns, cloves, chillies and vinegar and bring to the boil. Allow to cool overnight.

Drain and dry the onions thoroughly and pack them into sterilised jars. Pour the cold pickling liquid over the onions, dividing the spices among the jars. Cover tightly.

korbo, May 26, 8:50am
cool, cool, sounds just the one i want, except i would probably leave out the chilles, after my experiment with chilles in my tomato relish. so soooo hot, had to give it all away... ...

juliewn, Jun 10, 7:04pm
Hi Marilyn. . you have mail :-)