Gluten & Dairy Free Eating Places in Wellington ?

2halls, May 25, 5:54am
Hello, can anybody suggest a cafe in central Wellington that has gluten and dairy free options as part of the menu ? I'm not talking about "high end" restaurants, just a good lunch spot. It does not have to be exclusively GF and DF, as only one person requires this. Many thanks :-)

cookessentials, May 25, 7:35am

brish, May 25, 7:41am has a list of Wellingotn eateries and has 3 vegetaqrian/vegan cafes. If you give them a call you will probably find they do dairy and gluten free. I did hear of another one in Allen Street I think it was, but can't remember the name.

oscarnz, May 25, 7:54am
Ora Cafe on Allen St is 100% gluten free. I haven't been there so don't know what it's like though.

cookessentials, May 25, 8:11am
It was a welcome relief to have such a clearly labelled menu. They had several options, including a bacon and potato bake and ...

Logan Brown, Wellingtonstarstarstarstarstar
It was a really special day on Sunday and we had dinner at Logan Brown. I had booked 2 weeks in advance and told them that I was GF.

The waiter knew ...

Gluten Free Kelburn Red Tomatoesstarstarstarstarstar
While their menu does not state having gluten free options available, the staff were more than happy to let me know what dishes could be gluten free on ...

Finc Cafe, Wellingtonstarstarstarstarstar
I do not recommend Finc Cafe. I went there for lunch and the service was friendly, the food was yummy but they don’t have a clue what gluten free means... .

ORA cafe, 23 Allen Street (off Courtenay Place) Wellingtonstarstarstarstarstar
ORA Cafe is 100% Gluten Free. Set inside ORA design & art space in Allen Street (just off Courtenay Place) this new & stunning cafe serves RealTrade Havana ...

Gluten Free Burger Fuel Wellingtonstarstarstarstarstar
Burgar Fuel have gluten free buns available for an extra $1, great options available and burgers can be changed as per request.

Burger fuel is available ...

The Organic Grocer, Wellingtonstarstarstarstarstar
Great shop with cafe and really helpful staff especially if you are new to the Gluten Free products. The Cafe caters for a variety of dietary requirements ...

Gluten Free Wellington Monsoon Poonstarstarstarstarstar
Monsoon Poon Asian Restaurant,
Blair St,
Gluten Free Wellington City

This cool place serves great Asian food - and have a menu available (if you . .

cookessentials, May 25, 8:13am
The above is part of the list from glutenfreekiwi the "starstarstar" is for the number of stars given etc you click on this link and then scroll down, you will see all the entries.

2halls, May 25, 8:59am
Thank you all so much, and a big thank you Mrs Cookie ... this is all really helpful. Ora Cafe sounds very good ... :-)

auntlb, May 25, 9:16am
I have friends who are regulars at Ora and say the food is devine! ! The cater for a range of allergies - gluten, dairy, egg etc so easy to find food for lots of different people. Costs are very reasonable - cafe prices (but not cafe prices for 'specially made GF foods - if you understand what I mean! ! )
It has become a real favourite place for them to stop for a bite to eat

gaspodetwd, May 25, 9:54am
We struggled in wellington - ora cafe is more like a coffee shop - and has a very small choice. Everything contained soy/ potato so was useless for us. Chch (home) is way better suited for GF! ! ! I thought the capital would be really switched on. Dh goes there for work freuqently and cooks for himself as there has has always been ill after so called 'gluten free' food.

cookessentials, Jun 8, 3:03am
maybe check the list above as I think there is actually a great choice there... . always hard when you are out of your familiar town to know where to look I guess.