Does feijoa & apple go together for a crumble???

marley, May 23, 4:30am
I got a recipe off the internet for feijoa and banana crumble but I dont have bananas and Im wondering if feijoa and apple go together? ? ?

gypsynz1, May 23, 4:32am
Yes feijoa and apple is nice together

korban, May 23, 4:33am
Yes - they are yummy together

Enjoy your crumble.

geldof, May 23, 4:33am
yes, yes yes. but if you get the opportunity to try feijoa banana and apple, do. . its yummy! ! ! evenbetter if you add a few chopped dried apricots. Tropical crumble.

marley, May 29, 2:18pm
THANKS! ! ! ! I just wasnt sure - Im never sure I always need reassurance... . And dont worry BANANAS are ont he shopping list for tomorrow! ! !

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