Need easy, cheap recipes please

squimage, May 20, 12:06am
We run cooking classes and are sick of cooking the same stuff! ! We have exhausted our recipe books. We need recipes that are simple and require ingredients that are basic and affordable. Our clients are low income and have limited cooking experience. Our classes go for 2 and a bit hours and we usually have a hot meal and then something sweet. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you

crystalmoon, May 20, 1:30am
if you want cheap and easy, cant go past soups and casseroles both a dying art form, but so convenient and handy if you have the time.
Pizza Bases with toppings from scratch. , meat loafs, meatballs, scotch eggs, how to make an omelette always good. maybe look through some old time cook books to get a few new/old idea's good luck.

margyr, May 20, 1:53am
hi squimage, just on the left is a message board search box, if you in the box that says keyword or member type cheap meals, and then in the date posted box click on the arrow and then anytime you should get loads of ideas there. good luck.

julzienz, May 20, 3:14am
Curries, stews, fried rice, stir frys, pasta dishes, and soups. These are awesome because you don't need much (or any) meat so that makes them cheap but filling. And easy to make.

indy95, May 20, 4:41am
squimage, which recipe books have you been using ?

boxsters3, May 20, 8:13am
You might like to have a look on here some of these recipes sound suitable.

http://recipes.“the Wickham family recipe database”

gaspodetwd, May 20, 8:54am
Stuffed jacket potatoes, vegetable soup, leek and potato soup with fresh bread! Steak and kidney with mash, liver and onions, sausage casserole.
Then plan a meal with the leftovers - casseroles into pies, leftover veges into soups and so on.
How about what to do with a roast chicken - so it can make lots of leftovers - pie fillings and soups and so on - from the carcass.

bcnd, May 20, 9:19am
A family meal I make which is really easy and cheap. Take a tin of smoked fish fillets. Break it all up in a bowl with a fork. Add a packet of previously boiled mixed coloured spiral pasta. Add whatever but again, precooked vegetables you want. Mix in a white or cheese sause. Put in a oven dish. Sprinkle with breadcrumbs & a bit of grated cheese. Grill until brown. Serve with chunky bread

beaker59, May 20, 9:26am
Fritters, potatoe fritters, corn fritters, mussel fritters, corgette fritters etc etc its an easy way to feed a crowd quickly and cheaply.

darlingmole, May 20, 9:50am
You simply can't go past home-made soup (seasonal veges, pastas or whatever you like)

Potato dishes - chips, wedges, frittata, fritters, gnohoci (sp! ), leek'n' potato soup

Egg dishes- boiled, mashed, scotch, pancakes (wish tuna or veges), quiche, frittata, omelette

Chop suey - cheapest cut meats and bulked up with seasonal vege, coconut milk and marinated vege/meat mixed up with vermecilli noodles

Spag BologneseorChili Beef/Chicken? Vegge etc with rice/corn chips

Pasta - with cheese or tomatoe sauce - spicey sausage/meat/vege/herbs

Soups - meat bones with veges etc, crusty (stale! yet then toasted) bread or buns

ruby19, May 20, 6:36pm
What about curries made from scratch. If you buy your spices from an binn inn type of place it is amazing how cheap the ingredients are, then you can add any meat or vegetables you like. Make your own falafels, really cheap, even meat koftas, mince, herbs & spices . Great for making into patties or your own wraps/ tortillas, perhaps you could make those as well.

southernsam, May 20, 11:59pm
cook in pots are brilliant for people who dont have much cooking experience u can also adapt the recipe to ur own budget. ive been cooking on a budget for years and they have been a handy item on occasion. i got a recipe book thru winz i think they have one that u can download well they use to

squimage, May 21, 12:16am
We have heaps in the office but are restricted by expensive ingredients and time frames etc.

squimage, May 21, 12:20am
That sounds really good, we will definitely uses that one, thank you

fifie, May 21, 12:52am
nutritious meals snacks, and budget recipes available here from winz. http://www.workandincome. pdf. to budget meals plenty there to choose from.

elliehen, May 24, 7:51am
bcnd's smoked fish recipe reminded me of a student flatter's recipe which is hardly a recipe at all, but nutritious and easy.

Boil potatoes till soft, mash and mix in 1 can of chilli tuna (or 2 or 3 according to quantity of potato and people to feed) and some finely chopped parsley. Put fishcake-size spoonfuls into hot pan with a little oil and brown on each side. No need for an egg to bind - there's some oil in the chilli tuna. Other flavours can be used, but chilli is most flavoursome.