Broken biscuits.

yddac, May 16, 9:55am
Can these still be bought from the supermarket? My mum use to buy them years ago but she doesn't think you can get them anymore.

nauru, May 16, 11:23am
I've not seen those for years, we used to buy them too. Picked out the best and made slices with the rest.

carpediem12, May 16, 11:23am
Pretty sure you can't get them no more

alebix, May 16, 12:23pm
I just use the budget or homebrand biscuits and crush them, cheaper than getting broken biscuits (if you still can).

margyr, May 16, 7:03pm
try somewhere like binn inn, when i was working in cafe we still brought them in bulk so probably are retailed somewhere.

auntlb, May 16, 8:01pm
I saw some not that long ago at Moore Wilsons - you might try a catering supplier or similar

angie461, May 16, 9:04pm
Dp you mean the big box of mixed broken biscuits from griffins (loved the chewy mellow puffs} or mean crushed biscuits for making fudge cake or cheesecake base?

pickles7, May 16, 9:12pm
watch out for the ones that taste like beef fat. . read the labels. .

yddac, May 16, 11:16pm
Thanks for all the postings. I'm wanting them for fudge slice etc. Will try the budget or homebrand biscuits, never bought them before. *pickles* never though about the *taste of beef fat*. Which ones are these?

margyr, May 17, 2:05am
if you have a food processor just do them in there, then you can use biscuits you like, digestive, and choc digestives make a good crumb, have also done gingernuts but they are abit hard on the processor.

lilyfield, May 17, 5:33am
they sell them now as biscuit crumb bases

cookessentials, May 12, 1:44pm
Can buy the large catering bags at Moore Wilson