Hi, I need the Hangi in the oven recipe now please

scholar54, May 16, 2:37am
And can't find it in here, would some kind person please post it for me? Thanks.

paghan, May 16, 2:40am
If you type Hangi in the keyword or member and change the date posted to anytime you will get heaps of Hangi posts.

scholar54, May 16, 2:55am
Thanks Paghan, but the recipe doesn't seem to be there anymore. Can anyone help please? I need to put it on now.

karenz, May 16, 3:27am
Just bumped the crockpot hangi recipe up for you in case that is what you meant. If you want to do it in the oven I can't see that it would make much difference other than in the cooking time but the most important thing would be to have a very tight fitting lid or weight the lid down. I have an old Corningware dutch oven casserole which I have done this in and it turns out fine.

munrotti, May 16, 4:18am
Try here: http://www.getfrank.co.nz/how-to-have-an-indoor-hangi-/

scholar54, May 9, 12:46pm
Thanks ladies for all of your help, much appreciated. Munrotti, that's similar to the recipe that I wanted. I didn't do the Hangi in the Oven, as I didn't have time to wait for replies. I roasted the Hangi Pork instead, it was tender and delicious. Better than ordinary roasting pork. I will try the Indoor Hangi Recipe next time.

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