Chilli Chocolát Chicken.....

redrustie, May 15, 11:43pm
Can anyone give recommendations on how to simply cook the chilli chocolát 'gravy' please? My daughter is doing Food Technology and has to come up with 2 courses with limited resources and an hour to prepare and cook! She's looking at pan-frying the chicken breast (boneless) to brown and then baking in the oven around 200 degrees for around 20-25 mins (does that sound ok? ). Then using the chicken juices, add chilli, thicken with flour add either water or milk to a sauce and then add chocolate when it's off the heat. She's thinking about serving with roasted veggies (they've given them broccili, onion, mushrooms and carrots! ) and wedges. Any advice/help, gratefully received as we are going to get the ingredients and run through later today to time everything, fingers crossed! ! !

redrustie, May 16, 3:25am
Anyone ever tried anything like this or any comments on the cooking methods? I've searched for information on temperatures to cook the breasts and how long and have found anything from 300-450degrees and 20-45 minutes! ! !

amazing_grace, May 16, 3:33am
Well, I made a chilli chocolate mole for chicken, but we didnt like it very much. . . It wasnt thickened with flour, it had whizzed veges added to thicken it.

amazing_grace, May 16, 3:34am
Oh, and the chocolate went in at the beginning not the end...

redrustie, May 16, 5:29am
I saw those ones and half of the stuff on it isn't on her list of provided items so can't be used, (plus it didn't sound so nice! ! ), hence the thought behind doing it like a gravy/roux would be done.

Anyone any advice on the cooking temps and times please? she's going to do a trial run once someone gets back from the shops with the stuff? ? ? ?

cookessentials, May 16, 7:56am
there is a recipe for chicken mole (molay) on the recipe section.

redrustie, May 16, 8:15am
Thanks Cookie, but like i said, she can't use the stuff in the recipe as she has a limited list of things she can use :-(

deus701, May 8, 9:51am
what are the things in this 'limited list' then?

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