Belgium or Belgian Biscuits

family007, Aug 7, 10:17pm
My mother taught me to make Belgian biscuits when I was a child. It was a recipe handed down from her mother. Very spicy aromatic biscuits sandwiched together with raspberry jam and iced with white icing. She used to double and triple the mixture and the biscuits always froze well too.

koninklijke, Jun 28, 8:16am
Just bought some at the supermarket, it is my understanding if something came from Belgium, it would be Belgian

Anyone else find this annoying

snapperheadrkp, Jun 28, 8:59pm
Just like 90% of the Supermarket signs,Newspaper advertisements, and packaging for Brussel Sprouts instead of Brussels Sprouts

whitehead., Jun 29, 9:15am
ive seen nw havelock selling gapes at $5 each ,not $5 a bunch

karlymouse, Jun 29, 9:19am
Maybe its time to return to calling them German biscuits as they were before the war .

nelliebelle, Jun 29, 10:12am
There is a recipe similar to Belgian biscuits called New Zealand Holly cookies.
It was published in Better Homes and Gardens magazine in December, 1985 after it was awarded first prize in a competition.

paora-tm, Jun 30, 9:55am
Only thing that annoys me is that years ago I used to buy belgian biscuits which were sweeter, tastier, softer and darker than any I have made from the many recipes I have tried.

malcovy, Jul 1, 2:53am
Paora-tm, try adding cornflour and cocoa. Also the cinnamon you need to look for is ceylon cinnamon and Mrs Rogers brand at the supermarket has it. Most packets labelled cinnamon are cassia.

whitehead., Jul 2, 9:22pm
belguin biscuits come from Queen Victoras kitchen they were made in the first world war to do with a battle in belguin . that was what i was told at school . please tell me if im wrong thanks

paora-tm, Jul 3, 7:38am
I just use Greggs usually - will keep an eye out for the ceylon one. Thanks. :)

calista, Jan 9, 12:16pm
As Karlymouse said above (and my mum told me when I was a child) they were originally called "German biscuits" but the name was changed in WW1. I think that Belgium fought bravely against the Germans, which is why that name was chosen.

Anyway that's what I've always believed, but as there are alternative stories I probably need to do some research.

(Totally irrelevantly - In Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, "Belgium" is the worst swear word anyone can ever use).

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