Jamie Oliver Fry pans... not stick..

mrsv1, May 12, 7:42pm
so i forked out alot of money for the jamie oliver set last year, we use the non stick fry pan quite alot, but it now has a dark brown film on the non stick surface, and i dont think it cooks as well, just kind or burns, like a dirty bbq hot plate, anyone else have this problem, or am i not cleaning it right? ? i would have thought for what i paid for it, it would last abit better, i have the hard anodized, professional series.

mrsv1, May 12, 7:43pm
sorry the heading should read NON stick... . .

mrsv1, May 12, 7:44pm
also the underneath of the pan is quite dark like going black, we have only used it on ceramic top electric cooking...

jaybee2003, May 12, 8:19pm
Do you only heat them on half* [or less] maximum element heat?
Mine are as good as the day I bought them, and, gosh, it would be a year now I suppose.

* I swore black and blue my two previous sets of Scanpans were only used on half heat maximum, but they bubbled and ruined. I was told I must be overheating them, but I swore NO, I promise you, I have never ever used them on high heat blah blah blah. Then, much to my embarrassment this year, thanks to our electrician, we discivered the thermostats on ALL the elements were haywire, they had two temperatures, one was hardly on which was fine for simmer, then everything else was 'full' heat. So, I owed Scanpan apologies - it was my 'error' after all!

margyr, May 12, 8:46pm
i got told years ago that the more expensive ones are no better than the cheaper ones, to not cook on too higher heat, not to use metal tools, and to just rinse out and wipe with a paper towel. I am about to replace my non stick fry pan that i brought about 4 years ago for 12. 99 at woolworths, it has developed that brown film you mention and is starting to stick, but I am more than happy with the time it lasted. Perhaps though mrsv1 if I were you I would get in touch with the Jamie Oliver people and tell them of your pan.

mrsv1, May 12, 8:47pm
hi there, does that make a difference? depends what we are cooking i guess, sometimes we might heat up on more than half way then turn it down as the pan retains the heat so it dosent need to be turned up high. so is there anything i can do to retain the original surface, or am i stuck with an expensive pan thats stuffed?

sossie1, May 12, 8:52pm
cast iron is best and cheapest, if anyone replacing. I cook eggs in mine and they don't stick, have had it for 7 years and it still looks the same

margyr, May 12, 8:54pm
perhaps try boiling some water and vinegar in it this may loosen the brown film, not sure. but before doing this i would ring or email the Jamie Oliver people.

mrsv1, May 12, 9:02pm
yes ive done that as well, ive always been really careful with it as well, never put it in the dishwasher, always used plastic or wooden utensils in it, i just think for the money i paid it would be abit better quality, also we i got it, it was the shops display model so it didnt come in a box or with any instructions, so ive not been told to not "over heat" it... . gggrrrr

margyr, May 12, 9:08pm
i have a lovely big electric non-stick pan and it is wrecked, the husband used metal utensil in it, grrrrrrrr, but as i said my cheap one has given loads of use, although the other week i had a bit of a rant as it had been put in the pot cupboard underneath a big heavy metal one, it has been since then that it has gone yucky, so perhaps even the storage of it needs to be reviewed.

lilyfield, May 12, 9:21pm
storage- yes be very careful. It has to hang or live on its own somewhere. never in a pile of other frypans.

mrsv1, May 12, 10:03pm
the set is stored very carefully, NOTHING sits on top of each other, ive been very careful with this set, the rest have lids so well protected (saucepans etc).

cookessentials, May 12, 11:33pm
Non stick cookware should always be used on med to low heat and this is the mistake alot of people make and crank up the heat when using it. Also, you must not put them in the dishwasher and ALWAYS clean them properly - lots of hot soapy water and a good dish brush ( not an abrasive one) if bits of food are left on the pan, it is re-heated next time you use it and it burns into the coating lifting it off. NEVER use non stick pans if they are peeling as you can ingest the coating. I am very particular on the pans that we stock and the only two that we deal with are the Danish "Gastrolux" which use a natural sea mineral coating that many other pan manufacturers have tried to copy over the years ( albeit unsuccessfully) and Infinite Circulon ( used on Masterchef) both are of excellent quality and I have used both and am very impressed. Your next best option is to go for a high quality stainless pan with a good heavy encapsulated base or go to cast iron - American "Lodge" being one of the best available. When storing your pans, always make sure they are dry and store them in a cloth bag - these are usually provided when you are buying the higher quality pans.

fruitbat, May 12, 11:37pm
Personally I don't like NON stick items. I think all that plastic coated crap is toxic! I use a good old fashioned cast iron and steel pans that you also find in the restaurants. .

dianne42, May 12, 11:50pm
I have bought the expensive ones before and they wore out very quickly. I now buy the cheap ones and they last longer. In fact, the best one is from Woolworths. . I bought a 30 cm non-stick pan for $14 and so far had it two years. I use it high heat most of the time and is still perfect condition. they still sell them.

cookessentials, May 13, 12:13am
high heat is a no no unless you like eating PTFE. It depends on what you call "expensive" I guess. You would be looking at around $350 for a German Henckels pan.

lucy-and-ricky, May 13, 1:40am
I think we all have the same frying pan, its the best onehave come across, and I really put it to the test. I got mine for $12. 99. Ended up getting 2 of them as they are so good and I use mine almost daily. Panic at the thought of not having my trusty Woolies pan in my cupboard!

jia5, May 13, 3:24am
As other posters have said, low to medium heat. My J O fry pan is still looking like new.

nik12, May 13, 5:14am
This is all new to me not having it up too hot - hope you don't mind me butting in!
So if you have it on Med, is it hot enough to sizzle a steak? I usually heat it up, but the food in, then turn it down.

margyr, May 13, 6:52am
as long as you give the pan time to heat up to med then chuck steak in it will be fine, around 3 mins each side, just turn it once.

nik12, Apr 28, 12:10am
Ok thanks. . will try and remember next time!