Jamie Oliver's custard square

yapper, Sep 11, 11:17am
Maybe it has a different name? Perhaps it's called Vanilla Square. I've heard it called that in NZ so who knows?

nauru, Sep 11, 12:00pm
Usually known as Vanilla Slice in the UK

kaddiew, Sep 11, 8:21pm
You could use his recipe for his open custard slice, and just put a pastry lid on it instead of strawberries.


cottagerose, Sep 12, 3:15am
Does anyone have the recipe plse. I can't find it on the Internet

marcs, Sep 12, 1:12pm
Any ideas what book it came out of?

harrislucinda, Sep 12, 9:37pm
i use ready rolled flakey pastry and a custard made with cornflour and egg instead of edmonds custard

cottagerose, Dec 26, 4:55pm
Thankyou everyone for your help. I'll try someone else's custard square. I tasted one once and was told it was Jamie Oliver's and as it was nice, thought I'd make it but I'm sure there will be others just as nice

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