How to keep filo pastry

karalia, Jun 10, 11:29am
Seeking ideas on the storage of filo pastry. In a single household situation so never get to use it all at once. Last time I purchased it I thought I would separate out the sheets and take six pieces, roll them up in a piece of cling wrap, pop them back in their packaging and freeze. Unfortunately, before I had even finished doing this they started breaking down and ended up throwing them out. What do others do?

pauline999, Jun 10, 8:32pm
I just open the packet, quickly remove what I need and repack the remainder tightly. I store in the fridge and it usually lasts a month or more. If you put a damp cloth over it while you are gladwrapping your 6 pieces at a time it helps prevent it drying out. Best to do this when its cooler during the day or evening - not in a warm atmosphere .

samanya, Sep 2, 2:14am
I do the same as Pauline . have never had any luck with it not crumbling after freezing.
I have found that filo pies freeze well (depending on the filling), of course.

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