Wild duck

skinnny, May 7, 3:15am
How long do you roast wild duck and at what temperature.

lythande1, May 7, 5:32am
I'd be cooking it long and slow. Likely tough as old boots.

rocky92, May 7, 6:45am
I usually do a sage and onion stuffing, rub with melted butter, pepper & salt and roast really low and slow covered with tin foil for most, take off last 40 mins. It will jus fall off the bone. I've only done malards as parry's are tougher im told.

les6, May 7, 8:24am
no problem to a good woman who knows how to cook.

beaker59, May 7, 9:19am
The breasts quick fried and a bit pink in the middle like a medium rare steak. Are beautiful and tender so not tough as old boots the rest needs a bit more care but also can be gorgeous not that I have had much practice I am bed ridden this season, hopefully next year :)

fifie, May 7, 10:22pm
Oil duck breast, sprinkle with fav meat rub wrap in 2 bacon strips and bake mod oven about 3/4-1 hour till bacon crispy and duck cooked.

fifie, May 7, 11:33pm
Wild Duck in the Crockpot
Whole duck, knob of Butter, 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed Orange juice, 2 tablespoons of runny honey, 2 tablespoons of Soya sauce, salt and pepper,
Place duck in cooker, blend all above and drizzle all over the duck, lid on and cook low all day. Usually do 2 and they pick at them cold next day.

rainrain1, Sep 25, 5:51pm
Mmmm, got me all excited now. might have to try this one, but first I need a couple of quackers!

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