How long does your oven take to heat?

nzpcltd, Aug 27, 11:29pm
Hi thought I would ask in here with all the experienced bakers. my oven seems sooo slow to heat. could I ask how long it normally takes for your oven to reach 190 degress on bake approx. mine is taking 35 mins and I'm sure that can't be normal !

dollmakernz, Aug 27, 11:42pm
Mine takes about 3 minutes! It is a new very flash oven but 35 minutes seems a very long time!

devonwrecked, Aug 28, 12:10am
Even an older stove should do it in 10 to 15 minutes.

nzpcltd, Aug 28, 12:17am
Thank you both. good to know I'm not imagining things!

lythande1, Aug 28, 12:29am
No idea, I rarely pre-heat.

1happykiwi, Aug 28, 12:35am
My oven is not fan assisted, takes aprox 20 mins to heat. I bought it new in 2011. Im baking a sultana loaf right this moment!

letitia, Aug 28, 12:39am
20 years old - 10-15mins.

valentino, Aug 28, 1:13am
Check your oven/opening seals, this is the key area of proper heating.

If it takes a while then how accurate is your temperature, perhaps put in an oven thermometer to check and may need a full service.


fifie, Aug 28, 5:04am
This, mines the same im told 2 electricians in the family do you think they can fix my oven, nah to busy lol

holly-rocks, Aug 28, 5:11am
Never timed it but probably around 10 mins. My oven is about 8 years old.

gardner12, Aug 29, 4:48am
I bought a new one 4months ago and the manual recommends heating for 30 minutes, its not a fan or fancy one.

rarogal, Aug 29, 5:18am
Mine takes 10mins, it was taking about 30 mins before I got an electrician out and he told me an element had gone. I hadn't even realised, so yes, get it checked if there is no obvious sign.

socram, Aug 29, 7:37am
About 10/15 mins at guess.

New last year and love it to bits. Bottom (small oven) grill is 1000% better than the old and I have to keep an eye on the cheese on toast these days!

suicyco_nz, Aug 30, 4:53am
Old oven here and about 10/15 mins to heat up - usually if I'm baking I allow at least 20mins for oven to heat up

molly37, Aug 30, 5:59pm
Bosch, takes about 10 minutes, but i see there is a fast heat option too which i've never used.

lenart, Aug 30, 9:25pm
12 minutes.

kaddiew, Dec 31, 5:12pm
30 year old ugly brown double Atlas, built like a tank and just won't give up. 10-15 mins.

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