Useing Gluten Free Flour ?

anne1955, Sep 17, 11:35pm
Hi I am trying to find out if anyone knows can we/I just use same amounts of gluten flour as normal flour in recipes? Want to make some of the older style things in some of my cook books but never having used it (Gluten Free Flour) wondered if anyone used it in 'normal' recipes or is the a different % to be used please Thanks Anne

eljayv, Sep 17, 11:55pm
Most times I find they work well, but there are gluten free recipes for most of the older items. I use some gf purchased flour but more often make my own blend using Jeannes all purpose gluten free flour mix
Gluten free flour blend

170 grams brown rice flour
205 grams white rice flour
120 grams tapioca flour
165 grams sweet glutinous rice flour
2 scant tsp xanthan gum
Self-Rising Flour, Gluten-Free
1 cup Jeanne’s Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour mix (or mix of your choice)
1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder
1/4 teaspoon of salt
Mix together and use as needed. Can be doubled, tripled, etc.
This mixture can be made ahead of time and stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place or in the fridge. It will expire when the baking powder expires, so you might want to mark the expiration date found on the baking powder container onto your self-rising flour container.
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ed65, Sep 18, 12:27am
I buy the gluten free Edmonds or 'Free from Gluten' brand flours from Countdown, and just use the same quantities as you would for "normal" flour in a recipe.

mica3, Sep 18, 12:50am
I use Bakel's baking mix of flour 2nd choice Edmonds GF flour.
I just substitute the GF flour and this mostly works out.
I don't have alot of space in my pantry so can't store lots different flours to mix my own.

anne1955, Sep 18, 6:37am
Thanks people :) I was wondering about baking powder but I see eljayv using it in above mix had got to check that out yet so thanks.

sarahb5, Sep 18, 7:20am
Yes you use the same amount - I prefer the Healtheries (I think it is) baking mx rather than, say, rice flour. I also found you needed a bit of extra sweetness when using gluten free flour - it has a slightly "hard" taste in my opinion.

norse_westie, Sep 19, 7:40am
I quite like the Edmonds one for most things: scones, pikelets etc. But some items need a mix of flours to work well.

eljayv, Sep 19, 9:06pm
Scones? I haven't found a good recipe for scones. If you have one could you please share it?

mica3, Sep 20, 8:55am
I have a great gf scone recipe not at home at the moment will post when I can

mica3, Sep 21, 7:31am
GF Scones
2.5 C GF baking mix (self raising)
2tsp xantan gum
1tsp baking soda
30g butter
1 egg lightly beaten
1 1/3 C( approx 330ml) buttermilk
Mix dry ingredients
Rub in butter
Add egg and then butermilk to make a sticky soft dough
turn out onto floured board and pat to 2cm thickness
cut and palce on baking tray almost touching ech other

Bake in very hot oven (210 - 220) for approx 15 min

My glutinous lot will eat these. I like date scones. I flatten out the mixture spread on the dates then fold in half. - get dates sandwiched between top and bottom scone layer.

norse_westie, Sep 21, 8:56am
I make the lemonade scones but use Edmonds GF flour.

3 cups flour (SR or add baking powder)
1 cup lemonade
1 cup cream

Mix together - its a pretty wet and sticky recipe. Use plenty of flour when cutting into shapes (no kneading required) Bake for 10-15 mins.

socram, Sep 21, 9:06am
Gluten free flour makes a great white/cheese sauce which pleases one of our friends who really enjoys cauliflower cheese!

eljayv, Sep 21, 9:47am
My glutinous lot will eat these. I like date scones. I flatten out the mixture spread on the dates then fold in half. - get dates sandwiched between top and bottom scone layer.[/quote]
Thank you. Will try these

eljayv, Sep 21, 9:50am
Yes I think this one may work will have a go . Handy for when the bread hasn't been baked

eljayv, Sep 21, 10:50pm
Just realised this is same as the Australian woman's weekly one I had saved . the photos the showed looked same as non gf scones I'd made In the past. Great!

trigal1, Dec 22, 6:12pm
I used to do a lot of low-gluten / gluten free baking; switching out regular flour for my own mix, which I came up with after a bit of trial and error. It comprised equal parts of ground almonds, rice flour and arrowroot (ground). So, to make two cups of flour I would put in 2/3 C of each. I could make all sorts with it, including many of the old favourites such as peanut brownies, ginger crunch, chocolate cake, banana cake, chocolate chippies, chocolate chinese chew, anzac biscuits (query oats if you're baking for coeliacs) and even fudge brownies. It had a slightly different texture but not to the detriment of the baked goods. Biscuits were crispier because of the ground almonds.

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