How to store home made bread to prevent it going

johvri, Aug 26, 12:47am
mouldy. has anyone got any ideas as i put it in the panty in an airtight container and went mouldy after a few days. thanks for your advise.

lythande1, Aug 26, 1:44am
You don't. It doesn't keep as long as shop bread. lack of additives is why.
make a smaller loaf more often or freeze half.

kaddiew, Aug 26, 3:58am
What lythande said. I keep enough for fresh bread day one and toast day two, and the rest is frozen as soon as it's completely cold.

davidt4, Aug 26, 5:27am
Panty? You went mouldy? Are you sure about this?

molly37, Aug 26, 5:37am
Wish my home made bread lasted longer than a day.

kaddiew, Aug 26, 6:30am
But seriously, OP. was the bread 100% cooled down before you sealed it in a container? If not it would sweat.

korbo, Aug 26, 8:31am
made some today, have never had it go mouldy. We only use it for toast, and it is gone in 2-3 dys.
I have no idea why. but Nana always put her loaf wrapped in a teatowel in the pantry. that's all I do.
Added chopped red onion, 1 tsp curry, handful grated cheese and some lemon pepper. mmmmm. so tasty.

socram, Aug 26, 9:31am
I read somewhere that adding oil or melted butter to the mix helped it stay a bit fresher, but bread freezes well anyway.

petal1955, Aug 26, 7:34pm
Use the freezer. bread is always available from freezer. that why they werei nvented

thitryfiver, Aug 27, 12:19am
I make bread in breadmaker,(rapid bake) have done for over 20 years, it does not get any mould under 6 days old, I make part wholemeal loaf, sometimes add mixed grain.

thitryfiver, Aug 27, 1:47am
Forgot to add I keep loaf in sealed lightweight freezer bag, once it is cold,
If I have not eaten it iall in 6-7 days I process remainder into crumbs & put in freezer.
Have only had Panasonic Breadmakers

lilyfield, Jan 1, 4:04pm
mine has never got moldy either,even after six days or longer, maybe it gets hard, but I like it that old and it has a good bite to it, ==hate fresh bread

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