Freezing cream. Can I use it without whipping

If I was to freeze cream in an ice cube tray, can I then use it once thawed without whipping it? Or would it have to be whipped?

Chef_hjrtraders, Jun 6, 7:58 am

Whip it and what I do is to use a piping bag and make rosettes of cream and then freeze them free flow.

Chef_malcovy, Jun 6, 8:14 am

So it doesn't work if liquid still? Don't want it whipped if possible.

Chef_hjrtraders, Jun 6, 8:16 am

I remember mum freezing cream years ago, but she always whipped it first as from memory it would go lumpy or curdle when thawed, but if whipped before freezing, would thaw back to its liquid state. Hopefully I have that right.

Chef_nzmax, Jun 6, 8:22 am

google is your friend
Can cream be frozen for later use?
Heavy cream (at least 40% fat) freezes well – lighter creams and half and half do not hold up in the freezer. You can freeze the entire unopened carton, just double wrap in freezer bags. Thaw cream in the fridge, and shake the carton prior to opening – do not refreeze!Jul 20, 2011

Chef_karlymouse, Jun 6, 9:40 am

I freeze cream in the bottle it comes in but only use it for recipes which require cream. For example a rich quiche or lemonade scones.

Chef_lynja, Jun 6, 6:26 pm


Chef_skyedog, Jun 6, 6:37 pm

I freeze it all the time and use later. Not whipped.

Chef_lythande1, Jun 6, 8:27 pm

I just buy uht cream and that’s all we ever use. Much easier than using fresh cream as it hardly ever expires. Can whip it too.

Chef_lakeview3, Jun 6, 8:47 pm

What is uht cream?

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 6, 8:49 pm

Ultra Heat Treated. It has been sterilised and is usually packed in cartons. It doesn't have the flavour or texture of fresh cream.

Chef_davidt4, Jun 6, 9:40 pm

yeah but it sure beats needing cream and not having it in the fridge. Tastes ok when whipped and chilled. Far more convenient than fresh cream.

Chef_lakeview3, Jun 6, 11:35 pm

Also that Carnation Cooking cream is handy to have. It just stays in the pantry as no need to keep in the fridge and it is great for lemonade scones and in dishes that require cream e.g. quiche or some pasta dishes and it doesn't "split". I agree lakeview3 the UHT cream is more convenient than rushing out to get fresh cream.

Chef_crazynana, Jun 7, 9:16 am

thanks for that I hadn’t seen the carnation cooking cream, that’s another great idea and I know what you mean about ‘splitting’.

Chef_lakeview3, Jun 8, 7:25 am

It's just on the shelf in the supermarket with the condensed milk etc. It is so handy to have lakeview3 as it keeps for months and only has to be in the fridge when it is open.

Chef_crazynana, Jun 9, 1:43 am

We always use UHT cream also but the light version DOES NOT whip, so if you want it later for whipping then go full fat - and its great whipped too, really thick

Chef_sellontrademe, Sep 4, 4:57 pm