Israeli Couscous - where to buy in South Auckland

paora-tm, Aug 20, 1:59am
Anybody know where in South Auckland to buy Israeli couscous? Or whole of Auckland?

davidt4, Aug 20, 3:04am
I'm sure any branch of Farro would stock them.

molly37, Aug 20, 3:33am
Its hard to find isnt it?. We get ours at Bin Inn in Howick, i think its Moore Street.

huntlygirl, Aug 20, 4:09am
I have an unopened one here if you want me to list.

kaddiew, Aug 20, 6:07am
Think It's a stock item at Bin Inn, as we also have it here in Kapiti.

paora-tm, Aug 20, 6:34am
Not the branch we checked. I notice New World have a recipe which includes Israeli Couscous - wouldn't surprise me if they stocked something else which Countdown doesn't stock.

samanya, Aug 20, 6:56am
I get Israeli couscous from my local Countdown & even though it's not Auckland, I'm sure that all branches would have it (especially Auckland ones, because of the larger population).
Good luck :o)

mkr_ahearn, Aug 20, 6:57am

dotandtrout, Aug 20, 7:48am
Readily available at Westport New World so I am sure Auckland branches will stock it too. Can also be purchased loose in the Alison Holst bin section

paora-tm, Aug 20, 9:00am
Maybe not. I checked Countdown Online - they had one listed but not available in my area. Checked a few other Auckland areas - no luck with any I tried.

paora-tm, Aug 20, 9:09am
Thanks, I did find that eventually. La mamma is the one I was looking for although I guess they're all the same. I'm off to New World or PaknSav. :)

bailey25, Jan 4, 12:14pm
New world definitely stock La Mamma and also a lot of fruit and vege shops do too.

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