How long does coconut last?

shawkt, May 12, 3:38am
I know it doesnt last long but how will I know?, May 12, 4:03am
Fresh and open? if so about 5 days in the fridge before it will go rancid.

shawkt, May 12, 4:05am
Its not fresh just shredded stuff from the supermarket in a bag and opened.

daleaway, May 12, 4:07am
Taste it.
If it's not rancid, it's useable!

elliehen, May 12, 4:09am
maxwell. inc... am not looking for you ;)But just saw your name and thought I'd alert you to Nat Radio right now about to talk on the panel about Low Carbing (after they've talked about the Police... ), May 12, 4:30am
Cheers ellie. . but I dont own a radio. thanks anyway

#2 shredded stuff is fine will last YEARS in a well sealed container.

elliehen, May 12, 4:48am
You didn't miss anything - it was all about an ultra-extreme version practised by competitive body-builders.

bedazzledjewels, May 12, 4:50am
Thanks anyway Elliehen., May 12, 4:50am
ah yes. . nothing relevant to the real world then - I don't fancy having "guns" the size of Sherman tanks.

bedazzledjewels, May 12, 4:54am
Just getting back to coconut - my creamed coconut isn't going to last long Maxwell! What lovely stuff that is., May 12, 4:55am
yeah I am down to half a jar. . I keep forgetting to eat my oil. . after a few days my tummy reminds me!

elliehen, May 12, 5:03am
OOPS! Spoke too soon... just before 5pm a dietician, Sarah Hanrahan came on and talked about the movement in the USA but said little more than that there were still two sides to the discussion and two sets of scientific argument and NZ guidelines were not about to be changed anytime soon...

Now back to coconut... :)

jessie981, May 12, 5:31am
Told years ago to keep in an uncovered container. Mine has never gone 'off'

norma2, May 13, 10:16am
I keep some of it in freezer

lizab, May 13, 9:23pm
I always store my dessicated coconut in a screw top container in the fridge

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