Help melting white chocolate please

anne25, Dec 23, 10:50pm
Trying to make white chocolate and raspberry rocky road its not happening, I bought Cadbury Dream to melt just ended up with a blob that will not melt. Many thanks for your help

rainrain1, Dec 23, 11:16pm
I always do it over a bowl of simmering water. main thing is not to let the bowl with the choc touch the water. chop it first and stir it now and then. you are only trying to melt it, so don't let it get too hot. just finishing melting some myself, so easy this way

fifie, Dec 23, 11:21pm
Don’t know your recipe but I use a pan of simmering water with a bowl over top, make sure it doesn’t touch the water. I like good choc, chop into bits and into the bowl. If using any liquid like cream add it at the beginning. Stir till all melted and smooth. Make sure your bowl spoon etc is dry, any water splash will seize it. I’ve also used m/w 50/pc power 1min, and short bursts 20/pc stirred in between till smooth and silky.

wildflower, Dec 24, 1:59am
Sometimes a little coconut oil or kremelta helps with white chocolate if it's not a good melting one.

sarahb5, Dec 24, 2:17am
I prefer to buy the actual chocolate melts from supermarket or Spotlight - they’re cheaper, less sweet and do exactly what they say they do - melt! I’ve tried Dream before and just got a gluggy mess - don’t know what’s in it but it just doesn’t melt

anne25, Dec 24, 2:41am
Thanks have tried all the above Going to use it as a topping for ice cream the smalls love it

pollypanner, Dec 24, 6:12am
I tried to melt chocolate melts today to make rocky road, used a bowl over hot water, would not melt it went all lumpy, I googled to see what I had done wrong, and even though I only had a little water in the pan I had it to hot, so cooled it down by removing the bowl from the pan and adding more unmelted melts and beated until it came right.

camper18, Dec 24, 6:31am
I always do all my chocolate melts in the microwave. Just a lower setting and for short bursts, stirring well between each burst.

sarahb5, Nov 13, 8:43am
Same .

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