Taste of India butter chicken

jen51, Nov 13, 8:51am
Has anyone noticed the recipe change for the taste of india butter chicken. It is disgusting

rainrain1, Nov 14, 5:16am
Butter chicken is kind of, how shall I say it now. neither one thing or the other. not enough heat or something. not sure why I'm not a fan cause I love curries.

unknowndisorder, Nov 14, 5:44am
I believe butter chicken was developed for us westerners. My favourite is chicken Jalfreeze and wish I could find a recipe that would make it as good as the takeaways up the road. Make plenty of other curries, but it is probably just the yummy veges in theirs which I don't chuck in mine.

rainrain1, Nov 14, 5:47am
Well they picked the wrong westerner here. Must check out Jalfreeze.

jen51, Nov 14, 9:20am
I'm not a butter chicken fan. Make it for the kids because of mildness but if I have to eat it this one is the best of all the sauces. or was

unknowndisorder, Nov 14, 9:38am
Sorry Jen, I hope someone can come up with a good recipe or brand for you to try :)

uli, Nov 17, 2:59am
The dish, which is also called Murgh Makhani in Hindi originated in Delhi, the capital territory of India, sometime during the 1950s. During this time, a man named Kundan Lal Gurjal operated a restaurant in the city, called Moti Mahal. Kundan had settled here and started his business after fleeing from political upheaval in another region of India. Moti Mahal was a success, serving many delightful tandoori dishes (a tandoor is a circular clay oven, and can be found in any Indian restaurant worth its salt).

So the story goes, the cooks of Moti Mahal would mix leftover marinade juices with butter and tomato, and then stew the tandoor-cooked chicken in it. It’s unlikely that they had even the faintest idea of what they had stumbled upon – that is, an internationally-loved delicacy. But it is an irrefutable truth of the world that often the best things in life are discovered quite by accident.

Kundan’s restaurant quickly became a famous attraction of Delhi, and it wasn’t long before butter chicken proliferated throughout the world, to be enjoyed by people from every walk of life.


socram, Nov 17, 3:38am
Even the local takeaway Indian Restaurants vary - a lot. They all seem to have their own take on it, but there is only one we really like. "Chutney Mary", currently struggling in a rented building with building consent issues, so that he can't get a BYO or drink's licence.

A follow on from the effects of the much maligned and well known Indian chain that preceded it - and owned the building - which is now up for tender.

rainrain1, Nov 17, 4:18am
The first time I ever tasted it was at an adult cooking class before they cut adult education classes in the schools, we cooked our own. The teacher was a chef who once cooked for President Clinton when he was here in little old NZ. tasted dam good that night. Since those days, I have acquired a craving for hot curry, but not a too too hot, cause it starts to get kind of bitter to me if too hot. An interesting read Uli

catkin007, Nov 17, 7:53am
The Passage to India curry sauces are much nicer, but unfortunately not all the supermarkets stock them.

twindizzy, Dec 2, 3:09am
Tulsi pouch is a winner for Butter Chicken.

-I love chicken jaipuri, which is different again.

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