Black Doris Plum Cheesecake

chookpan, Dec 17, 2:14am
Hi. Does anyone have the Chelsea Winter recipe for this cheesecake please. Done a search but can't find it. Thanks

lythande1, Dec 17, 3:58am
It's in her book but not on her website

kaddiew, Dec 17, 4:46am
I can actually see that recipe online (stack of recipes) but there are rumblings about copyright so not sure I should be copying & pasting it? Anyone know?

(OP if you keep looking you'll see it yourself.)

245sam, Dec 17, 5:37am
The recipe at stack of recipes is the same as the one on this link:-

kiwiscrapper1, Dec 17, 6:06am
. This is not chelseas recipe.

kiwiscrapper1, Dec 17, 6:19am
its pretty long, but also delicious.
Excuse the spelling mistakes I havent proof read!
375g gingernut biscuits, whiz in a food processor add 100gms of soft butter until blended, lress into the bottom and sides of a 22cm tim, I use a loose bottom one easier to get out, put in Fridge. Beat on high speed, 250gms of cream cheese with 1/2 cup icing sugar, zest of one lemon, and 2tabs of lemon juise and 1 tsp vanilla essence. Until thick and creamy. Fold in 1cup of whipped cream spread onto biscuits drain 2 x 850gm cans of black Doris plums cut in 1/2to remove stones, reserve 4 plums, blitz the rest in blender or food processor, set aside, heat 1/2 cup water, 3tsps of sugar and 3 tsps gelatine, stir with a fork until suga and gelatine dis9ves, cool slightly then add to plum mixture mix well pour on top of cheesecake. Place cut plums face down around the edge and let them s8nk into plum jelly, cover and place in fridge at least 2 hours. delicious tart plums with the lemon cream sheese.

245sam, Dec 17, 6:32am
kiwiscrapper1, when I read the recipe at stack of recipes I had serious doubts about it being Chelsea's and was even more convinced when I found the exact same recipe at FIAM. :-))

kiwiscrapper1, Dec 17, 6:44am
Did it say chelseas recipe? It could have meant Chelsea sugar, you probably have a better recipe than that one 245sam :-)

245sam, Dec 17, 6:56am
kiwiscrapper1, thanks for your compliment!

Re 'the Chelsea recipe' on stack of recipes - the title of the thread is " Chelsea Winters black doris plum cheesecake" and the first recipe is the Food in a Minute recipe; however I didn't scroll down far enough to see the second recipe posted there which IS the Chelsea Winter - same as the recipe you have posted. I am very surprised to see that the recipe stayed on TM long enough to have been copied to stack of recipes because I have another recipe of Chelsea's that was in a local freebie paper and when requested I posted it only to find that it was removed! presumably for copyright reasons I suppose? :-))

kaddiew, Dec 17, 6:58am
No, I did find it. You need to scroll down the page, below that recipe, to find Chelsea Winter's recipe,,

Snap - you posted the same time as me

pjmackie, Dec 24, 4:00am
kiwiscrapper1, thanks for posting this recipe, just made it and it looks amazing! (Mrs mackie)

kiwiscrapper1, Nov 11, 8:42pm
I hope you enjoyed it, its a favourte here love the tartness of the plums with the sweetness of the lemon Cheesecake.

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