Watery pumpkin

cottagerose, Jul 12, 4:53am
I roasted a pumpkin but it's very watery so I'm wondering if it's not ripe.
Would it taste ok if I used it to make pumpkin soup?

buzzy110, Jul 12, 5:05am
I find that the longer they are stored the more watery and tasteless they become no matter how dry and delicious they were when first picked. That is only my experience. I'm sure others would disagree.

samanya, Jul 12, 5:23am
I'll disagree ;o)
Ive found that they hold well if stored correctly & they don't improve or deteriorate . however this year my Crown pumpkins are all pale & watery & I didn't pick them early or anything like that, so I'm concluding that the season here wasn't that flash for pumpkins.
Even the offerings in the supermarket look wishy washy this year in this neck of the woods.
Oh for a dry & delicious pumpkin . one of my winter main stays!

rainrain1, Jul 12, 5:59am
They are certainly pot luck this year, some are watery, some are all good, funny old season for sure

davidt4, Jul 12, 6:43am
Interesting. Our early crop pumpkins “Bush Fire” were fantastic, but the main crop ones “Marina di Chioggia” are not nearly as good as the previous year and are not keeping well either.

Any ideas about what makes the difference?

samanya, Jul 12, 8:00am
I think from my experience, it has to be seasonal.
Here in Canterbury, I have to usually water my pumpkins, big time, because we don't get 'natures watering' as other areas do, but this year, we have had a lot of unseasonable rain (& been so grateful for it, for pastures etc) but for the first time, I've got sub standard pumpkins . no deep orange, dry, buttery ones . all they are good for is 'filling' for other dishes . disappointing. after nurturing them from seed.
I don't have the answers, but I'm almost relieved to find that other people are not happy with their pumpkins, either.
My neighbour was commenting about her bought crown pumpkin as well.tasteless & pale. Made me feel better about my home grown ones being the same & they are grown in well nourished soil!

cottagerose, Jul 13, 9:03am
I buy my grey pumpkins at the supermarket and the last two were watery so today bought a squash to try. On the plus side, I made the pumpkin soup with my watery one and it turned out as good as usual so I'm happy

wendalls, Jul 13, 1:23pm
lots of rain?

fifie, Jul 13, 10:54pm
Could be they are picked to early and not quite ripe, if it's been a slow growing season, because of the weather. I only buy the big grey one, as it's usually nice and dry for my roasted pumpkin/bacon soup, and pumpkin loaves. Don't like them frozen either.

samanya, Jul 13, 10:54pm
It could well be.
We have had heaps more than usual in Nth Canterbury over the summer, first time for years that my lawn has been green all year & not having to water.
Being rural, when it gets driest, we get water restrictions & although I have massive rain water storage, it's time consuming to organise a drink for a large garden.

wasgonna, Jul 13, 11:29pm
It's a watermelon . . . should have gone to Specsavers?

petal1955, Jul 14, 12:11am
Curried Pumpkin

Cut and peel pumpkin and cut into cubes
Toss in flour season with salt and pepper and a 1-2 teaspoons of curry powder
Toss pumpkin cubes into this mixture and place pumpkin in a oven proof dish

Cover with cream and bake till pumpkin is tender

samanya, Jul 14, 1:03am
I do a similar recipe in the microwave & cornflour to coat with a few knobs of butter as well. flavour, sometimes curry, or whatever takes my fancy at the time, garlic/lemon etc & sometimes I use coconut milk & always with a heap of finely chopped parsley.
I'm not that keen on baked pumpkin, but I love it this way & as soup of course.

paora-tm, Jul 14, 8:14am
I've done that with horrible pumpkin and not made soup 'as good as usual'.

karalia, Jul 21, 9:51am
Most cooks that I have seen on TV making pumpkin soup recommend roasting the pumpkin as it gives more flavour to the soup. I have not made pumpkin soup myself for a couple of years but next time I make it I planned to try roasting the pumpkin first.

buzzy110, Jul 24, 11:47am
I'm going to swim against the tide here. I've tried the roasting thing and all it meant was that the pumpkin was roasted. It made little difference to the flavour of a good recipe. I have tried several recipes and some of them are pretty naff imo. I always roast my pumpkins till they are caramelised.

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