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sarahb5, Jul 22, 5:14am
And decided to have one of the chops for dinner tonight - how do I cook my chop so that I get crackling but the meat doesn't dry out? Is it best to remove the fat and cook it separately?

rainrain1, Jul 22, 5:59am
Not usual to bother with crackling on a chop. But if you must, I would remove it and try it in the microwave, but wouldn't hold my breath. Last bit of wild pork we had was rolled and stuffed and absolutely delicious. of course that has nothing to do with the chops

smallwoods, Jul 22, 6:03am
Wild pork doesn't like to crackle, very temperamental.

sarahb5, Jul 22, 6:08am
It's not wild pork - it's homekill - seems to be crackling up fine

rainrain1, Jul 22, 6:12am
Too true!

rainrain1, Jul 22, 6:14am
Whoops, don't know why I mentioned wild pork. but a chop I don't worry about crackle

sarahb5, Jul 22, 6:36am
Best bit!

smallwoods, Jul 22, 7:45am
Oops, can't be given any homekill pork, better stick to the wild story.

Read up on MPI trading , bartering or gifting home kill.

rainrain1, Jul 22, 8:12am
On one chop? LOL

rainrain1, Jul 22, 8:16am
Very loud

sarahb5, Jul 22, 8:16am
I must've missed something here - don't really know what the two of you are talking about now

rainrain1, Jul 22, 8:18am
How do you expect to get crackling off one pork chop?
The only way is to cut it off and try the microwave in my humble opinion.

rainrain1, Jul 22, 8:37am
What you don't know won't hurt you bud!

sarahb5, Jul 22, 9:58am
Well I did - I guess you don't know until you try. I cut the fat off and baked in the oven for half an hour with the potato so the potato roasted in the pork fat too - and both were great. Pan fried the chop in garlic olive oil and was delicious.

autumnwinds, Jul 22, 9:59am
I'd put down a bowl of cream, and tiptoe quietly out of the room.

lythande1, Jul 22, 8:02pm
I cut it off, put it on a rack, and cook it like that.
Works always.

rainrain1, Jul 23, 12:00am
Oh well, there ya go, that's me told off. must have been that gin last night, can't say I would ever bother for one chop. but cheers, so from one cream licker to another. I'm glad you enjoyed it sarahb5

smallwoods, Jul 23, 1:03am
Doesn't help when plastered in the title?

rainrain1, Jul 23, 1:36am
Who cares?

buzzy110, Jul 23, 2:58am
Very few people care that you sometimes wear rosy gin soaked glasses Does cream go well mixed with gin do you think? Maybe gin panna cotta. Yum. I'm up for that.

rainrain1, Jul 23, 3:39am
Happy day buzzy110. you will never know my alcohol intake, or if I even really drink at all.

wendalls, Jul 23, 6:26am
Well I'm in for some cream licking too! Had a bit of that sort of pork at times and have wondered the same. Usually over cook the pork, and the fat is not appealing. if you have 5 pork chops then it might be worth the effort of trying for crackling. Sarah did you oil and salt them?
And I'm happy to admit to having had a tipple. On holiday in sunny Hawaii. On the island of Kauai at present.

sarahb5, Jul 23, 6:46am
I didn't oil or salt the pork or the fat - I cooked the fat separately in the iven

smallwoods, Jul 23, 9:25am
Saw an Asian cooking program once and they boiled the chop first, dried the chop and just can't recall how they crackled it.

rainrain1, Jul 24, 10:44am
Poor Iven

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