Slow Cooker Semolina

copperboom, Sep 21, 11:06pm
Has anyone got a tried and true recipe for this? All of the internet ones look like they have the wrong proportions, and use several eggs thrown in at the last minute.

sarahb5, Sep 22, 4:47am
Its so quick to cook in a pot why would you do it in the slow cooker? And none of the recipes I've every used have eggs in them although I recall my mum sometimes added one.

dibble35, Sep 22, 7:13am
Ive never had Semolina, was looking at it in the supermarket the other day. is it sort of like porridge?

lilyfield, Sep 22, 7:25am
I love semolina, its nothing like porridge. Takes 2 minutes in microwave, yummy babyfood.
Quicker than connecting the slow cooker and heating it up. Add an egg by all means if you need extra nourishment.

sarahb5, Sep 22, 8:21am
I think it used to be called “invalid food” when you added an egg

copperboom, Sep 22, 9:55am
I always burn it, so I'd rather do it in the slow cooker. Not that keen on adding an egg, but all the internet recipes have one.

Was hoping someone had a nice simple recipe

sarahb5, Sep 22, 10:05am

wheelz, Sep 22, 10:33am
I found the simmer mat invaluable for making milk puddings and dishes that need a slow simmer without the chance of catching.

korbo, Sep 22, 10:04pm
. thank you so much for suggesting making it in the m/wave. our family has taken a big delight in eating this, but I always burn it. will try tonight in m/wave. wonder how long it would take in the slow cooker. ?

kiwitrish, Sep 22, 10:32pm
Don't know if semolina is similar cooking time to rice pudding but here is my recipe I got from a poster here for crockpot rice pudding.

Heres on in the slow cooker that I use yummy and easy to remember
1 Cup white short grain rice
1 Cup Sugar
2 ltrs Blue top milk
put on high for about 4 hours
I sometimes substitute a can of light and creamy carnation milk as part of the milk allowance to make it creamier! MMMMMMMmmmmmm hungry now!

sarahb5, Sep 23, 2:15am
Just because of the size of the semolina grains I think the the cooking time would be a lot shorter than for rice pudding

korbo, Sep 26, 9:20am
,,,gosh 2 litres of milk seems a lot. can you use less

sarahb5, Dec 21, 4:42pm
No - that’s how much it takes

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