Baking dairy free

ange164, Jul 24, 9:57am
Would those that do dairy free baking please tell me the best substitute? Today I'm experimenting using sunrise table spread and trying to make acceptable afghans, gingernuts, and honey oat biscuits. All do not have egg, so this would mean they would be vegan. I think from today's experimenting I need to either halve the butter quantity when using marg, (because otherwise the mixtures are much too wet/sticky) and/or double the sugar and add a pinch or two of salt to help balance the flavor + add sufficient baking powder to give it rise, as the marg makes a very dense result otherwise.

Am I on the right track? any tips and tricks you'd like to share to save me wasting ingredients. (Once I've figured out working with marg, I can figure out how to make it gluten free as well, for one of my friends.)

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