Good old-fashioned vege soup recipes please?

mazzy1, Mar 23, 12:44am
I was in a cafe yesterday and had a takeaway pottle of vege soup that tasted just like nana used to make. So good it almost brought a tear to my eye! Buttery and yum with nice soft veges and bits of silver beet, a little pearl barley - it was so damn GOOD! I want to find a recipe that's not too tomatoey although happy to put a can in for a large potful to freeze. What's your fail safe recipe for a great brew for the chilly days that are coming?

articferrit, Mar 23, 1:11am
Look up Kirstens soup by Alison Holst, it only takes 20 minutes and is always good. I add finely chopped silverbeet as well.

rainrain1, Mar 23, 1:23am
Boil up a hock of mutton, or a chicken with mixed pkt of barley, split peas etc (not all of it though) add grated carrot, and chopped onion, other veg of your choice. boil all up together till meat falls off the bone. taste for salt

fannyadam, Mar 23, 2:32am
King's soup mix, a bacon hock and all the veges you have on hand. Simmer for 5 to 7 hours. beautiful.

rainrain1, Mar 23, 3:16am
I agree, darn nice as well.

llessur.46, Mar 23, 3:28am

mazzy1, Mar 23, 3:38am
I always used to use King's soup mix but now I usually tend towards a gluten free diet. I've just sweated onions and garlic in a large pot with butter then added chopped fresh thyme, oregano and rosemary. Then added 4 grated carrots, chopped red cabbage, chopped pumpkin, salt and grated fresh tumeric followed by about half a cup of pearl barley. I rummaged in the freezer and found a ham hock bone so threw that in as well. It's been simmering for almost an hour now and I'll let it keep doing its thing for another hour. I've chopped a large bowl of silver beet to add later on. So far it smells AMAZING and looks dark and rich. Hope it tastes good!

davidt4, Mar 23, 3:48am
Mazzy1 - do you know that barley contains gluten? It might be better to thicken the soup with something else e.g. lentils or split peas.

llessur.46, Mar 23, 5:11am
Kings do a Gluten free soup mix ,its in a blue pack and only vegetable . its really nice

I get it from NW

mazzy1, Mar 23, 5:20am
Yes I do davidt4 - I consider my diet to be gluten free-ish but sometimes can add some extra little things to make a difference to a dish. :-)

mazzy1, Mar 23, 5:21am
I just tasted my soup and have to say it's one of the best ones ever! YUM!

linette1, Mar 23, 6:26am
Kings vege soup mix, 1ham hock or 2 shin on the bone, 1 each of the following.
Leek chopped
Carrot grated 2 if small
Potato grated
Parsnip grated
Turnip grated
2/3 celery stalks chopped.
Cook the ham hock and soup mix for 1 hr or more
Add veggies cook for 3/4 hr or more.

willman, Mar 23, 6:56pm
I have never used Kings Soup mix before. I have seen it in the supermarket. Do you need to use the whole pkt, or just a certain amount, if making a smaller soup. Many Thanks.

llessur.46, Mar 23, 7:06pm
I use the whole packet,then freeze it in containers.It freezes really well.

ritebuy, Mar 23, 11:11pm
I roast the beef or chicken bones with onions for a great flavour for soup

willman, Mar 24, 7:02am
And how much water, do you use, please. Thanks.

linette1, Mar 25, 3:04am
It has the directions on the packet - 2 to 3 litres or 9 cups but use your own discretion as to how much . I make sure the ham hock and the soup mix is well covered, then when the veges are added, add more.
You can substitute the kings mix for stock and a cup of ordinary soup mix ie split peas and barley.

rupps, Apr 5, 4:33am
do you have a crock pot?

calista, Oct 5, 6:43pm
Just bought a bacon hock today. I'm going to make the soup Mum used to make which -I suspect - is an Alison Holst recipe. The first time she made it she left it out to cool before adding the veges, and Dad tipped the "dirty water" down the drain.

He got such an ear bashing

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