Feijoa skins

groomingtools, May 21, 6:38am
Somewhere (I am a recipe addict) I saw a drink recipe using the skins only and vodka. Didnt print it and now dont know where to find. Can anyone help please

venna2, May 21, 6:47am
There seems to be quite a bit on the web, eg:

No, sorry, I put 'feijoa skins and vodka' in the search box but I think the above receipe calls for all the feijoa, not just the skins.

groomingtools, May 21, 6:53am
I'm sure it was just skins - have spent a long time looking through web sites as I am an adiict for recipes

samanya, May 21, 7:25am
I've seen it too . have just searched the past year with a variety of 'words' & nothing, but I know it's there, somewhere!
Wish I could help.

unknowndisorder, May 21, 7:45am
Bumped a couple of threads :)

korbo, May 21, 9:30am
I think it was on facebook.

groomingtools, May 21, 9:03pm
That sounds familiar korbo - will keep searching

jan2242, May 21, 10:04pm
You can use the skins but need quite a lot of sugar as well or it is too sour. I make schnapps with feijoa and vodka only and is yum.

groomingtools, Sep 19, 12:12am
Hi jan - could I have your recipe please

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