Gluten free is there a good

eljayv, Sep 12, 8:42pm
Substitute for Marmite?
Marmite was apparently considered okay some time back.

frances1266, Sep 12, 9:10pm
Freedom Foods have one called Vege Spread which is gluten free apparently;

eljayv, Sep 12, 11:35pm
Yes it is pricey and I wondered whether it tastes like marmite.

frances1266, Sep 13, 1:31am
Quite similar to Marmite, as close as you will get gluten free. Worth a try I would say. Spread it thin!

geldof, Sep 13, 5:55am
I just use nutritional/flaked yeast. It has a similar flavour. Used to be called brufax

saegan, Sep 14, 8:27am
All this time using Marmite and I had no idea, but then I don't have coeliac disease:
Vegemite, Marmite and Promite – contains malt extract <-- not gluten free.

Just found this. No idea if available here though.
Mighty Might (Vegemite substitute) <-- gluten free apparently.

norse_westie, Sep 14, 8:33am
We have tried one but it was so vile the kids won't even try anything else.

dkpop, Dec 23, 11:45am
Australian Mighty Mite is what we use.

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