Gluten & Dairy Free Dessert

burney2, Dec 20, 7:43pm
Hi there, I have my friends family coming for dinner tomorrow. Her teenage age son is Gluten & Dairy Free. Does anyone have any ideas for an easy dessert I can make. Thanks

poppysinger2, Dec 20, 7:48pm
Pavlova or meringues !Serve with fresh strawbs or raspberries and my sister who is dairy free told me you can get a non dairy cream made from soy .

cgvl, Dec 20, 9:10pm
Check your cornflour is Maize not wheaten. Also how intolerant to gluten are they because some people can't eat anything that has been even near gluten foods. You are probably better off buying something Gluten and dairy free from the supermarket for them. Also does dairy free include egg free as that can sometimes be included in dairy free ie not just milk, cream and cheese products.

frances1266, Dec 20, 9:14pm
The only commercial non dairy cream I am aware of is Alpro which is single cream, very nice but not suitable for meringues or pavlova. I use vanilla ice cream slightly thawed instead of whipped cream. Google dairy free/gluten free desserts, am sure you will get heaps of recipes. I believe there are vegan chocolate mousse recipes that are very nice including one made with an avocado. Crumbles, rice pud etc are very nice. Revive cookbooks from your library have great recipes, nearly all dairy free/ most gluten free and delicious.

davidt4, Nov 17, 1:13pm
It is important that you find out if he has coeliac disease or is just gluten-intolerant. If he has coeliac disease he will react to the faintest hint of gluten contamination, and in a domestic kitchen (especially one where normal baking takes place) it is almost impossible to avoid contamination through utensils and bowls. As has been suggested above you might be best to buy a guaranteed gluten-free dessert and serve it for him with utensils and bowls that are straight out of the dishwasher, or brand new. Be very very careful.

If he is gluten-intolerant then you don't have to be quite so particular, but do check labels of everything you use and of course avoid wheat, rye and barley in all forms.

Thai sticky rice with mango and coconut cream is a nice dessert that fits his requirements and would be enjoyed by everyone. But be careful!

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