Is a whole coconut

lilyfield, Aug 1, 6:30am
If you badly want to put on weight and send your colestorol levels over the top----go ahead

lythande1, Aug 1, 8:25pm
Brown part? That IS the shell.

maplekiwi1, Aug 1, 8:51pm
There is a brown skin part inside the shell though. It is edible.

Everything in moderation. A small piece or a little bit grated on top of your muesli will be fine.

autumnwinds, Aug 1, 11:53pm
Someone like me - "Everything in moderation - includiing moderation" is my creed!

Rgearding the coconut - grate it, and freeze the excess in snaplock bags, with the air removed. Great with muesli, and in muffins and cakes.

buzzy110, Aug 1, 11:57pm
I've turned dessicated coconut into creamed coconut (coconut butter). I would assume that the same can be done with fresh coconut. Just stick it in a blender and blend away until it becomes paste like. Stick it in a bowl or jar with a lid. The fat (coconut oil) separates out of the paste and rises to the top.

comadi, Aug 2, 9:43am
The brown membrane is good fibre and can be eaten.
I eat the lot (excluding the shell) but not a whole one at once ;-)

accroul, Aug 2, 10:00am
I can't imagine your jaw you thank you greatly after gnawing through a whole coconut for breakfast!

schnauzer11, Jan 11, 5:46pm
The OP (or re-brand) is just a stirrer!

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