Cooking and freezing dried beans

calista, May 23, 4:27am
I'm starting use dried beans more in my cooking, especially in soups and stews. Some of the recipe books I've read suggest bulk soaking and cooking the beans then freezing them to have hand as needed.

My question is - do I drain them or freeze them in the liquid in which I cooked them?

Any other handy tips from those more experienced are welcome.


eljayv, May 23, 4:36am
I drain and freeze in the quantities I use. When I make almond flour items I often add bean paste to the mix

davidt4, May 23, 4:39am
I drain and freeze. Some dried beans freeze better than others - chick peas are very good and hold their shape, but softer ones like haricot and borlotti can get a bit squashy.

calista, Sep 18, 10:50am
OK, drain and freeze it is then.

David, would it be better just to soak and freeze the softer ones, then defrost and cook?

I had borlotti beans in a bacon hock soup I made and it was yummy. I had planned on giving some away, but in the end kept all but one tub.

I've put the chickpeas into soak as tomorrow looks like a soup day.

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