Dried beans for baking.What to use.

clivehell, Nov 29, 6:45pm
I have been using rice for this but want to try dried beans.
Are they just the beans you buy in packets from the shop and
use instead of cooking or what!thanks.

petal1955, Nov 29, 8:10pm
get them from Stevens.they are ceramic beans

geldof, Nov 29, 8:32pm
The ceramic ones come ina smallish quantity.I find there is not enough in one pack to do a flan base.

Dried beans from the supermarket work just fine and are easier to manage than rice.

clivehell, Nov 29, 10:47pm
thanks for that,I have just been to Pak n Save and could only see
stuff for soup mixes,and tinned beans.
Where abouts would the dried beans be in the shop.
Unless P N S doesn't have any.

holly-rocks, Nov 29, 11:27pm
try the bulk bins

I use dried pasta myself, works every time.

retired, Nov 30, 1:10am
I have had my dried beans for years.

clivehell, Nov 30, 1:15am
thanks,might try pasta.

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