how many different types of dried beans ?

cloffie, Mar 13, 2:56am
how do you cook them[I know haricot need soaking] and recipes using them? AND are any of them gluten free? Thanks again cooks extrordinaire!

winnie231, Mar 13, 6:51am
cloffie - get yourself a copy of 'meals without meat' by Alison Holst (most libraries will have it if you don't want to buy one) ...
there is a couple of pages in the back on beans & pulses and the soaking/cooking times for these that are definately worth reading & copying for future reference.

ccoffee, Nov 24, 1:40am
don't forget lentils. . red lentils cook in the blink of an eye and thicken stews, soups etc. I like them just boiled with salt, pepper (lots) , parsley , a bit of curry and a knob of butter on brown toast. ( or Indian style dahl) really quick to cook compare to beans and not at all expensiive

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