Dried beans! ARRRGGGGHHHH!

jfreak, May 21, 6:06am
I have read recipe books, books on beans, the internetand NOTHING they say to do makes my dried beans edible!

I soak, I cook, I stew, I bung in soups - I cook to get rid of toxins - everything!

And they are still hard!


elliehen, May 21, 6:12am
Two possible answers from Google:

"Beans will not soften if cooked in an acidic solution. If making a dish with beans, dried beans must be cooked separately and added after they have achieved the desired texture. Most bean dishes such as chilli, baked beans, and soups are acidic; this is why the beans will not soften after addition to the dish."

"Do not salt the beans until they are soft. Using tomato products will often keep the beans from softening. Having hard water may also keep them from getting soft."

maandpa2b, May 21, 6:12am
what sort of beans!I have soaked pinto beans overnight then cooked (simmered) for about 45 minutes.add dollop of butter and S&P and mash.perfect for tortillas etc

jfreak, May 21, 6:16am
Cannellini beans.

I soak them, I don't use salt, I don't cook with acidic ingreds and can cok them for and hour and a half - till the skins are off - and they are still hard.


jfreak, May 21, 6:18am
ty ellie.

elliehen, May 21, 6:19am
I read something a while ago about irradiated beans/lentils which stayed hard on cooking, but haven't yet followed it up.

jfreak, May 21, 6:21am
hmmmmm - I am at a loss.I really am.They are so good for us - but it's not much fun munching dried weetbix.


jfreak, May 21, 6:31am
huh - I found a site that says cook them in bottled water.

Or - if I want mushy beans - add baking soda.

Anyone tried these!

jimmy2102, May 21, 7:51am
Beans that have been heat treated wont soften. A couple of years ago maf decided to heat treat the dried beans. It ruined them to use for cooking. They are now fummigated. Your beens must be a couple of years old, and treatedwith heat.

mwood, May 21, 11:55pm
If the beans are too old no amount of cooking will soften them - try adding 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to your cooking water - if they are still hard then the beans are too old - find another supplier and try again.

frances1266, May 22, 12:32am
I agree about the beans needing to be fresh, try and buy them from somewhere that has a high turnover.Cook them in your crockpot, no need to soak except for kidney beans that must be hardboiled for 10 mins and then can be cooked in crockpot.I use beans and cant say I have a problem with them although I think I may have a few years ago and suspected they were irradiated.Maybe try organic beans and see if there is a difference.

daleaway, May 22, 12:51am
Buy them tinned - they're pre-cooked. And still cheap and nutritious.

cookessentials, May 22, 1:23am
So do I.

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