Coffee beans

spicegirlie, May 9, 10:22am
Where in Auckland can you buy roasted whole coffee beans by kilos.

sarahb5, May 10, 7:47am
No idea about Auckland but you can buy online from but if it’s just for personal use I would buy a smaller quantity so your beans are fresh

buzzy110, May 10, 11:35pm
Roma in Drury will sell you any quantity you request.

samanya, May 11, 1:01am
I buy them from the local Coffee Workz & they have an online shop.
Not Auckland, I know . just an idea.

bella95, May 12, 4:30pm
I buy 1kg packs of Aurora beans from Countdown. My favourite coffee and really well priced too which is a bonus.

sarahb5, May 12, 10:37pm
I use Aurora instant for baking.

But how fresh are the beans? How long does it sit on the shelf before you buy it? The beans I buy from my local roastery are roasted the day I buy them. The price of $38 a kilo is comparable to supermarket bean prices although I see Aurora is a lot cheaper than say Jed’s or L’Affare but the flavour and freshness is so much better with fresher beans. You must get through a lot in a week/month if you buy that much and it stays fresh.

buzzy110, May 13, 12:25am
Totally agree with this which is why I suggested Roma. They are roasters so everything is fresh.

nauru, May 13, 6:40am
I buy that brand, our favourite coffee too. Usually manage to find it on special every now and again, it was half price recently so I stocked up.

bella95, May 14, 12:08pm
Haven't found lack of freshness to be an issue. I guestimate l drink about 250g a week (don't know, don't care. Lol.) The coffee is vacuum packed and I usually keep the beans in a sealed container in the freezer once opened and take out a few days worth at a time. I'm very fond of coffee but probably couldn't justify the expense of Roastery beans. Also it helps that l can use it in whichever of my machines l fancy at the time (balance syphon, mocha, filter, plunger and electric espresso machine) just by altering the grind still enjoy the flavour.

bella95, May 14, 12:11pm
Me too. Price is reasonable enough that l don't mind when l have to pay full price but it's such a bonus when it's on special that l stock up too.

sarahb5, May 14, 7:15pm
Don’t freeze it - you will kill any flavour doing that - just somewhere da4k and cool but do the supermarket do that? The colour of the crema will tell you whether it’s fresh or not.

I buy roastery coffee because I use less to get the same amount of flavour as other brands I’ve tried but we all have different tastes - i usually only have one machine made coffee at home each day so 500g lasts me a month and because the beans are so freshly roasted it stays reasonably fresh for that length of time although even then I notice the flavour is not as “clean” or “bright” at the end of the month.

And yes I’m probably a coffee snob but who cares - its still cheaper than buying a takeaway coffee every day. I have friends who spend more on takeaways in a week than I do in a month on beans for home.

buzzy110, May 14, 11:52pm
Stop worrying about it. I have noticed that not everyone notices variations in taste and flavour. For instance, there are people who love pre-prepared food that is made with palm oil. For me the texture and taste is wrong and to top it off that slimy mouth feel just makes my stomach turn.

Then there are the people who use water that has been boiled over and over again to make their tea or coffee instead of fresh, cold water, just brought to the boil ONCE. There is no comparison. I loathe coffee made from reboiled water. It is probably the most hideous thing that anyone can do to their tea or coffee but still people serve it up to me when I visit. I just about gag trying to be polite. Add in a biscuit or cake made with palm oil and I am instantly transported to my own personal hell. But hey. They think it all tastes wonderful and slurp up their drink and stuff the biscuit into their mouth like they actually relish it.

Coffee made from beans that tastes weak and not fresh is probably not up there in terms of food crimes imo.

kay141, May 15, 3:50am
How dare people offer you food and drink that is not up to your high standards.

They should forget their innate good manners and offer nothing, then their transgressions would not be in cyberspace forever.

buzzy110, May 15, 4:16am
Mmmm. Maybe I should apologise for not providing enough opportunities for my stalkers and trolls as I have in the past. These boards must be getting rather boring.

kay141, May 15, 6:20am
I'm sure your so called stalkers and trolls will still find enough in your posts to be of interest, of they can be bothered.

You are right though, it does gets a little boring reading about the perfect life and the continual criticism of friends, acquaintances and other posters.

Perhaps that is why some of your posts are ignored but it can be guaranteed you will critique me and mine.

nauru, May 15, 7:46am
Wow, food snobbery much buzzy. Rather rude to be so critical of other peoples hospitality IMO.

bella95, May 15, 8:29am
I know what you mean. I had Italian friends who loved Artichokes. I could never eat them (or understand how my friends could) for me they have the same taste as when you put your tounge on 9v battery. Add a glass of red wine and it's like chewing tinfoil on an amalgam filling. It was quite a relief to discover l may have extra tastebuds.
You might enjoy this article on Supertasters.

sarahb5, May 15, 9:11am
I wouldn’t call enjoying fresh, well-made food, or coffee, being picky but maybe some of us just have more finely tuned taste buds and can actually detect the difference between fresh and not

buzzy110, May 15, 10:36pm
Don't worry about it. I am sure they are just as critical of my hospitality. In fact I'm sure they are. I've watched people trying not to barf because I have served them more vegetables and/or lettuce than they would like. People have sat at my table and picked bits off their meat and vegetables and pushed them to one side like I'd served them poison, so, hey, it's all swings and roundabouts. Excepting of course, they are more insulting than I am. At least am polite and just refuse everything but a lovely, cool, glass of water.

buzzy110, Sep 22, 5:58pm
And boiled and reboiled and then boiled over and over again, water.

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