Making tomato sauce

bubbles22222, Feb 19, 11:16pm
I normally my tomato sauce to the very top of the bottles when making it. Yesterday had to get my darling hubbie to finish because i ran out of time and had to take my daughter to an after school acitivies. I see that he hasn't filled the bottles right up. I 'm hoping that won't cause them to go yuk and mouldy as there will be air in them I have only every filled them to the top, has anyone not filled them to the top and they been ok.

flier3, Feb 20, 12:41am
Just checked my bottles of tomato sauce and I haven't filled mine to the tops of the bottles - never have in the past and the sauce has been fine even after a few years.

lythande1, Oct 22, 12:45pm
Air is not a cause of "yuk and mouldy", lack of sterilisation is.

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