Edmonds, Tomato Relish

jills3, Jan 30, 5:12am
Have prepared toms and onion.Recipe states - Leave overnight, nextday pour of liquid.My question, I prepared at lunch time today, can I cook tonight and bottle, so I have AK anniversary day free or should I keep to the instructions and wait.Thank you.

juliewn, Jan 30, 5:19am
Yes.. making it tonight will be fine.. it's my favourite tomato relish recipe - have made it with about the same time of standing..

Instead of thickening the mix (which changes the colour and flavour), I add the spices to it and then keep itsimmering slowly, stirring often so it doesn't stick onto the pan surface, until it's the right thickness to bottle - it has a lovely flavour. ,

Enjoy :-)

jills3, Jan 30, 5:25am
Yes it does have a lovely flavour.I bought cheap toms at the market today and thought I must make some as supermarket relish is just thickened muck.I also added capsicums.

mkbooks, Jan 31, 3:17am
Try putting it on tomato sandwiches -YUMM

elliehen, Jan 31, 4:52am
If it's the Edmonds '12 large tomatoes, 4 large onions' relish recipe it's a never-fail winner :)

I add extra chillis, though, by special request.

jody23, Mar 12, 1:02pm
if i wanted to make this with cherry tomatoes would it work? and how many cherry toms would be = to 12 large toms? thanks :-)have a tonne of cherry tomatoes in our garden, way to many to eat