tomato relish

nannahall1, Apr 18, 11:38pm
who has a nice easy recipe for this using either red or green tomatoes thanks

indy95, Apr 18, 11:53pm
Nannahall1, if you type tomato relish in the keyword box on the left of your screen then choose Anytime as the date posted and hit search you will findplenty of good recipes to choose from., Apr 19, 12:04am
This is a recipe my mother got off her neighbour 30 years ago, and in our opinion it's the best ever. Easy to make, keeps well, and about as good as tomato relish gets.

Eunice's tomato relish:
(I make about 1/3 of the recipe)

3 kg tomatoes
1. 5 kg oinons
- cut the veg into separate bowls, sprinkle with plain salt, leave overnight covered, drain next day., Apr 19, 12:06am

3/4 kg sugar
half litre malt vinegar
small tsp mixed spice
small tsp mustard
small tsp curry powder
- mix spices in a little vinegar before add

flour and vinegar paste (make in a shaker) as needed to thicken.

Boil tomatoes and onions, partly covered (i. e. leave a crack open at edge of pot lid) till onions are softish. Add spiced, and sugar and boil fast for 3 mins. Thicken and bottle.

When thickening, remember that it will get thicker as it cools, so thicken only to a light pouring consistency.

beaumonde, Feb 15, 6:45am
Try this one,

2 large onion(red is good) sliced not too thinly
2 large cloves of garlic ( squashed)
fresh chilli ( you choose how hot) and if you want to put the seeds in
2 KG tomotoes chopped roughly (a mix with cherry toms is yummy)
500ml red wine vingar
2 cups sugar
Chop upsome gerkins or capers if you have them add them in.
Pickled onions might work too anything for texture
A big bunch of fresh coriander
Salt pepper

In a large pan or wok, saute onion and garlic. Add tomatoes.
Add in vinegar and sugar ( have the extractor fan on, pretty whiffy) bring to the boil and simmer stir often till the mixture looks jamish.
Stir in gherkins, pickles ( what you have)
Add chopped coriander last.
Pour into jars, seal keep in the fridge.
A great pasta sauce base too just add browned mince and a bit more tomatoe paste or puree.

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